Engagement from "time poor" members


I’m struggling with getting members to engage outside of when they have a problem/question that they need help with. Our community is for architects that are preparing for taking an exam that grants them licensure, and vast majority of the time, they’re incredibly busy.

Has anyone else been in a similar position and can possibly offer some insight for increasing engagement? I have a place on the community where I post practice quizzes to help them prepare and that has been really popular, however they tend to do a hit & run, without posting any comments or liking the post or anything. Some of these have over 80 responses too!

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!

I can’t help directly but, if you are interested, I can post links to sites for other professional groups like lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, etc. You might get some ideas for increasing interest.

I recently saw this medical site because a friend is looking at doing the same in another country:

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This is very helpful, thank you!

Here’s a highly-monetized pre-med site with multiple forums in specific segments, and using a range of social media channels. I don’t like the style but it looks successful and it is a good example of this approach which provides several pathways to maintain interest and engage.

The about page with expanded menu gave me the best picture.

Like the first one, this site also appears to be moving forum to Discourse. You can see why if you visit the forums on mobile.

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That means that the motivation isn’t there. You haven’t got your value proposition right. What is the goal of your community? If it is to get solve problems and people are posting when they have one, why do you need extra engagement? If you need others to answer those questions, then you need to find a strong persuasive argument to make them do so. Work out what drives or motivates them and appeal to that emotion.


That’s a good point that I hadn’t really considered. I suppose I was envisioning there would be more resource sharing and advice being exchanged. Many architects use the NCARB forum for just that, as I’m sure you’re familiar with. Trying to get them to change where they post these discussions is difficult to sort out. Especially when the one they already have a habit of using is ran by the authority for the exams.

Work out what drives or motivates them and appeal to that emotion.

I thought I knew what this was but I’ll think through it some more and test some new ideas. Already thinking of a resource hub for helping their study process.

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