Engagement and induction frameworks

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Thank you for your welcome.

I’m here because i wanted to build a services framework and understand the journey a brand goes through right from the time they strategise to have a community to putting together the tech & workflow steps to running it on an ongoing basis. My idea was to gather knowledge and to share my knowledge by being part of this community.


So, what are you working on?
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An excellent idea! Great to have you here Chetna.
Have you found the resources that you need so far? We have a useful list of reading here.

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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for the links. I did go through these but what i want to explore is more around the lines of -

  1. Conversation enablement Framework (How to increase or improve or initiate conversations within a community)
  2. Community Engagement
  3. Community Induction plan (Customize the community features & components based on client needs, testing the features, launching the community)

If i could get insights into what activities, best practices and process flow is applicable for the above components.


Response Framework

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Ok, got it!

This is a pretty huge question – we have an entire series of 3 courses to cover all the material!

Let’s break it down a bit. The first step is to establish the concept. What is the purpose of the community? Who is it for and what will they do there?

I also have a clarifying question for you – what is the difference between 1 & 2 above?

p.s. I’ve split this discussion out into a topic of its own.

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Hi Sarah,

Can you share the link to these courses. It would be helpful to go through the content.

In my viewpoint - The community framework needs to be built agnostic of the purpose. Ideally, it can be any of the below - providing customer service support, Ideation, collaborative learning, resource engagement etc.

Community engagement would fall under the conversation enablement framework. However, i thought community engagement needs to be dealt as a separate topic given that this would encompass multiple parameters like platform capability, best practices, audience demographics etc.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and to understand the next steps i should take to get more engagement on this topic :slight_smile:


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Hey there – thanks for the clarification, I see the difference now.

How to Start an Online Community
Successful Community Management
Advanced Community Strategy

I think the difficulty here might be that the question is too broad. It feels a bit like “tell me all the things to watch out for when I build a house.”

I’ll invite a few astute members into the topic, but I think it would be really useful if we had a bit of context. What are you actually trying to do and at what point are you at?