Emotions That Matter In An Online Community

(Richard Millington) #1


The big three tend to be excitement, fear, and frustration.

They manifest themselves as inspiration, validation, and resolution.

Excitement and Inspiration

Excitement comes through inspiration. It’s when you see new ideas in the community you didn’t expect. You might visit for one reason, but during that visit you see several great ideas you can apply to improve your efforts. You start to visit more frequently.

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(Kathleen Ulrich) #2

Thanks, really helpful. I took the strategic community management course last winter and quickly realized that while I identified an emotion - lack of confidence - that applied to many members, there were at least 3 paths to this emotion. I needed to break it down further and prioritize which of the target audiences that had this emotional driver would be the first to get that “wow” objective. I had the seed of an idea before reading this post.
Seeing the guidelines for content and discussions as they relate to emotions is going to really help me hone in on addressing this target audience. I’m excited and inspired!

(And yes, Rich, I am still working on the same plan - reallocating resources, building awareness, taking measurements of success and failure and making adjustments takes time - worth it.)