Emails to re engage inactive members

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Continuing the discussion from What is your retention strategy?:

I’m really interested in this strategy @ddow – are you able to share your template?

Does anyone else automate re engagement emails? If so, what do you find works best?

(Doug Agee) #2

I have heard some good results from using a We Miss You rule. I am activating it in our community. Not much of a campaign, but something that can be monitored.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Do you have a template that you’re ok sharing @Doug_Agee?

(Doug Agee) #4

Sure thing @HAWK

Hi [Member],

We’ve missed you lately at [Community Name] - how is everything going? I just wanted to check in with you, since you haven’t posted in a while.

The online community is ready and waiting for your return. Our members are as diverse in skills and talents as they are in reasons for joining TU. Your contribution is valuable and helps to grow the community. Check it all out when you have a few minutes.

See What’s Going On [Link]

See you around soon,

[Your Name]
Online Community Manager

The logic for this rule; is a person, and has written more than 4 discussion post(s) (new thread or group reply), and has not posted a new thread or group reply to a discussion in 90 day(s). The frequency is set at 180 days.

(Colleen Young) #5

@Doug_Agee with your permission I would love to adapt this for my community

(Priscilla McClay) #6

Streetlife (local forums) uses those “We Miss You” emails. I got them repeatedly, and I found them quite annoying. But I did eventually go back and post there when my cat went missing, so maybe they kept the community enough on my mind that I thought to go there? (The cat came back on her own, by the way).

I don’t have anything automated or tailored specifically to inactive members, but our monthly newsletter went out last night and I’ve just noticed that a member who joined 7 months ago (shortly after launch) and has never posted has now stared posting for the first time.

(I create the newsletter manually in MailChimp. It’s an editorial selection of “what the community has been talking about”)

(Richard Millington) #7

I’m not a big fan of we miss you emails.

The priming isn’t great and they simply remind the recipient they don’t visit this community anymore.

The challenge here is missing members have made a decision that the community isn’t important enough for them to visit every day.

That’s an attitude we need to change.

Like changing any attitude, that means working at the emotional, behavioral, and logical level.

So any email should really contain:

1. An emotional element - ideally a short story that the recipient can relate to and want to be involved in. The more relevant the story, the better.
2. A behavioral element - a really simple action you want someone to take which doesn’t get them to commit to taking anything long term.
3. A logical level - this should be new information which doesn’t conflict with existing beliefs. This should surprise them in a nice way. Such as something new that didn’t exist before.

Where is the line between community messaging and marketing?
(Doug Agee) #8

Feel free @colleenyoung. The basic idea comes from Higher Logic but obviously is not new. I made some tweaks from the discussions here and will add a few more from Richards suggestions. It will be interesting to watch the conversion over the next few weeks.

(Doug Agee) #9

I really like your writing guide @richard_millington. This is a better version of what I try to tell some of my fellow staff members about writing for the community.

I want to be sure I am understanding #3. A logical level. Do you have an example that would help demonstrate the proper use of these elements? Thanks.

(Alessio Fattorini) #10

@richard_millington you’re right! My email is this, what do you think about?

Hey there,
I’m Alessio, NethServer Community guy, sorry for stealing your time but I noted that I haven’t seen you around for a while. How are you?

If you have never tried NethServer or you had difficulty on the road, please reply to this email I’d talk about it.

Are you an IT expert or user of other products similar to NethServer?
We need your knowledge and expertise! Please spent just a minute of your time for replying me, I want to hear from you again.

Do you know that NethServer 7 alpha2 is already released? [link]
Together, we can make NethServer rock-solid.


(Richard Millington) #11

"Hey {name},

_We’ve got a problem on NethServer (remember NethServer?) you might be able to help with. _

_So far around 5 others and I have been struggling to answer this question about {xyz}. The challenge is … _

_Are you able to help? If you have a tip or can point us in the right direction, click here. _

I really appreciate your time"

(Alessio Fattorini) #12

Nice hint, next time I’ll try your template comparing the open and reply ratio with mine

(Sarah Hawk) #13

I’ve been trialling some manual/personalised re engagement emails.

This one is getting a 50% hit rate (although admittedly I’ve only sent it ~10 times).

Hi [member],
We haven’t seen you at FeverBee for a few months, and I’m trying to help a member gather some practical ideas around [subject of interest to member]. I know it’s something that you have successfully used [something for in your specific community]. Are you able to share some ideas/wisdon/tips here [link]? (It can be as brief as you have time for.)

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

In a couple of cases people have literally responded to the email rather than jumped into the thread. In those cases I’ve asked for permission to post their response here on their behalf (I change ownership of the post to them).