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Effective Messaging to Brands

I would imagine all of us on this forum see great value in communities, not only for research, but for product development, customer engagement, ambassador recruitment, brand building, ideation sessions, etc etc… All of these benefits are powerful and every brand building team should be fully utilizing them. However, much of the community platforms messaging in the space can be vague, ethereal, or on the other side completely dumbed down which loses the weight of the offerings.

As Community Professionals, I’d love to hear your input on two questions:

  1. What is the #1 distinct problem a Community solves for a Brand or Brand Building Team?
  2. How would you message the solution to that problem?

Look forward to an interesting discussion!


Hi @bradbasar,

Welcome! It’s great to have you here. I don’t think there’s a single problem, it tends to vary by different organisations.

Are you able to share any context here? What’s the challenge you’re facing? What would you like to see?

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Hi @richard_millington,

High Street Data is at an early startup stage. We are building an Insights Community Platform dedicated to the Cannabis Industry. We are starting a seed round of fundraising in January and are looking to better define the problems we are solving. This will in turn help our messaging in our pitch to potential investors… so I thought where better to pick the brain of community experts than here at FeverBee Experts.

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Hi @bradbasar I’ll take a shot at it! Given your focus on an “insights community,” the problem it would solve is readily gathering feedback, UGC, user voice information, and key challenges from the target audience/customer.

If the brand pulls together its own “rolling focus group” in the form of a persistent community, it has the chance to gather ongoing data, segment the members and communicate with specific types of member, glean first-hand stories and testimonials, and leverage the input to inform their future marketing operations and product design. They can then collaborate with their consumers based on participation in the insights community as well.

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[quote=“bradbasar, post:1, topic:10913”]
What is the #1 distinct problem a Community solves for a Brand or Brand Building Team?
[/quote] Even if you find the #1 problem communities generally solve for Brand Teams, it might not be the #1 problem for your specifi Brand Team. I would suggest starting at the other end of the question and ask “What’s the #1 problem my Brand Team is trying to solve?” - be it awareness, adoption, retention or whatever the problem is with the Brand and then see how Community can contribute to the solution.