Educating Community Members

(Richard Millington) #1
Originally published at: <strong></strong><br><br>Better educated members make better customers. But, educating members is extremely hard.

Most don’t have the time to be educated beyond a useful tidbit or answer to their problem. Others don’t have the motivation. (A few might already consider themselves experts).

The challenge isn’t sourcing the knowledge in the first place. It’s easy to find experts and useful solutions in almost any field. The challenge is turning the knowledge into a format the audience can digest.

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(Lucas Miller) #2

I completely agree and education will be key to the community I am building for my company. Currently, I am working with a UX designer to do some research with our service and product teams to understand what the key things end users should know about our company product. Then we are going to design a content strategy that is designed around those key knowledge points.

This has got me thinking a lot about how I want to structure my content to meet some educational needs of our users. Thanks!

(Richard Millington) #3

@lucasmiller3 that’s pretty awesome.

Can you share the results later on? I’d love to see what you came up with in how you structure your educational content for members.

(Lucas Miller) #4

We are still interviewing our team members and compiling the research, but so far the results have been interesting. Understanding user needs, the intent behind the design and how users perceive those design efforts has been eye opening thus far.

I am excited to compile our report and can share my results here. :slight_smile: