Driving learnership through community

Hey all,

Some quick context: I’m new to community management and am just starting to feel out the ‘community’ hat and how to build effective programs that drive specific behaviors.

In my case, my community goals are directly oriented toward driving our users to other learning content (that lives in a different portal) to increase number of ‘learners’ and connect learnership with accelerated product adoption, deflected support tickets, etc.

I am still in a very explorative phase, and there’s just so much I don’t know (but trying hard to figure out as a team of one!) That said, I’m looking to build relationships with community professionals that are interested in sharing their experiences and insights around leveraging community to kickstart learning journeys.

Even if the goal of your community isn’t connected with the consumption of learning content specifically, I’m still eager to chat with anyone who is willing share their community approach and philosophies.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome, nice to meet you! I’ve worked with a few of our customers who are combining community and learning, and one thing that helps is to make the experience as seamless as possible between platforms (if you’re spread across a couple of different platforms). Having a primary portal page that defines where everything is, combining the logins with SSO, and blending the design/styling can all be helpful.

One other thing to consider is leveraging any gamification tools in the community platform to incentivize the behaviors you want.

Hi and welcome to Feverbee!

Do you have a place for community members to interact? Like a forum?

In my community, we have members helping each other in a forum, and eventually, they can be re-directed to training content.

The primary goal of our community is customer success. Still, it impacts user adoption as well because it addresses the initial questions about the product and gets people excited about it before going to training.

I’m happy to share more details :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the response!

Re: seamless integration across platforms

This resonates deeply and is definitely a P1 for me! The difficult part of this seems to be doing this in a way that leverages an understanding of the community members, their needs, and what brings them value. ie knowing how to identify a specific moment when there’s greater learning opportunities so we can suggest a particular learning path (based on someone’s thread history or persona perhaps?)

I’m curious, do you have any particular tips / tricks for best understanding who your community members are? I’d love to build out member personas but not sure if this is a common practice or how other community managers have gone about this.

In any regard, thank you again for chiming in and for the welcome!


Hey there Vera! :wave:

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! Yes, we have an online forum with many of the standard bells n whistles (badges, welcome info, top posts, topic categories, member ranking, etc.)

re: using your community for customer success

That’s awesome! Seems like such a large opportunity when scaling up customer engagements through community.

I’m curious, what are the most effective approaches you’ve found in acquiring new community members in that ‘new user’ phase? Do you automatically give them a community account? Is signing up for community officially baked into your training process?

Also, how are you determining which content to serve up for these new users?

I’m currently trying to do some research into what product features or use cases correlate to higher renewal+upsell rates and user activity but i’m finding it not too easy. haha Any insight into how your prioritizing what content/behaviors you drive for new users would be really interesting!

Also if i’m not making sense (very possible) please let me know and I can clarify. :slight_smile:


Make sense :smiley:

Let me explain my context - my company has a product, and the end-users are developers.

These developers work for our customers, so better use of our product will result in customer success.

So, when they subscribe to our product, we automatically give them a community account.

During their onboarding, we provide CTA’s for training and community.
(see image below)

We also ask a few questions during the onboarding so that we can suggest targeted content :slight_smile:

My suggestion is to start by identifying the different personas in your community and determine what behaviors you want to trigger for each persona and the content that will resonate with them.

I also recommend identifying some tangible metrics you want to achieve and having them in mind when designing the experience.

The simplest way to get a better sense of your community members is to ask them (and ask in a way that doesn’t put too much pressure on them). You could include a couple of key questions in your onboarding flow (which you can then use when segmenting on the back-end), or you could produce a targeted survey periodically, or you could set up some 1-1 calls (preferably 10-15 mins so it’s a small ask). In my experience these techniques will get you more info than just giving members a big “tell us about yourself” block or starting an “intro yourself” topic.

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