Does ‘reply via email’ increase engagement?

(Nick Ivanter) #1

Has anyone measured the effect of the “reply via email” feature on user engagement, when it is enabled in a previously web-only community?

On the one hand, it can be expected to increase – since “reply via email” offers another, often easier means to contribute to a discussion. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if there was a negative effect, too – because of fewer visits to the site and, consequently, fewer opportunities to discover other interesting topics to contribute to.

So, I’m interested if anyone has been through enabling the “reply via email” on a previously web-only forum, and what were the results. Thank you.

(Nikoletta Harrold) #2

I never measured it but I use it a lot to send responses for questions I was tagged in or I participated in the thread originally. I see your point in each case but have no answer :weary:

I know for sure that reply by email has no effect if you don’t promote it with your members. I made that mistake ones…

(Sarah Hawk) #3

@Bearmtn has some interesting insights into the efficacy of email engagement options.

We have a longstanding discussion here which might also give you some leads.

Anecdotally it has had a positive effect here.

(Nick Ivanter) #4

Thanks for pointing me to the other discussion, Sarah. Very interesting insights there, and it does sound that ‘reply by email’ has generally worked positively for everyone. I guess I’ll enable it too now.