Does anyone manage a Community of Practice for IT project Mgrs?

(Laura Loomis) #1

We had a very boring CoP which was really just a one-sided conference call every month. I am looking to refresh that approach and start of more lively community for sharing best practices, lessons, frustrations, ideas to help our PMs deliver their project objectives. We have about 200 internal PMs, who are mainly located in upstate New York with a few scores of them around and outside the US.

I’d love to connect with someone else who manages that type of community! Or even other internal CoPs would be great. thx

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hey @Laura_Loomis – great to hear from you.
Can you clarify what you mean but ‘internal’?

(Laura Loomis) #3

yes! Internal means participants are internal to our company - employees or consultants/contractors who are working on our projects. It doesn’t include external customers, which other communities may have and would probably affect the CoP’s approach/tone/tactics.