Does anyone have a policy for deleting old and inactive accounts?


(Alice Mac) #1

Our community has changed a lot since inception (over five years ago) and has thousands of ‘members’, but only a handful of active members (this isn’t a surprise given it hasn’t been an organisational focus until recently). Recent UX research has told us that a lot of people aren’t sure if they are a member, or that they associate membership with getting the newsletter, rather than being part of an online community (again, not a surprise - our member benefits haven’t been clear, or very strong). We’re about to implement a new strategy of engagement and implement new features to improve our member experience and build in some solid and clear member benefits and value.

We’re hopeful that this will re-engage a number of older inactive members, but we’re wondering what our policy should be for those who don’t re-engage, and who may not be aware they have a member account, given they signed up 4-5 years ago, perhaps only to get the newsletter, and may never posted or commented on the site. We’re not sure if it’s reasonable to hold onto these people as ‘members’ and retain their data (or if we want to, especially in this post-GDPR world) and so we’re considering implementing a policy to remove inactive accounts.

This might look something like:
For accounts that have never meaningfully engaged with the site (e.g. commented on a discussion or contributed content) and who have not logged in for over 2* years (*exact period to be decided):
a) attempt to re-engage
b) if no result, advise account will be deleted in line with new policy
c) if no response, delete account (letting them know they can rejoin at any time).

I was wondering if anyone else has a similar policy, or has any ideas on the pros and cons of a policy like this.

Thanks for your help!

  • Alice