Do you think adding a down vote button to a closed group member community forum can be detrimental?


(Jayashree Rukhaiyar) #1

I want to ensure that users mirror positive behaviour in the community. Will adding a downvote button on a forum post help battling ‘negativity’ from select members who come only to rant? Or will it end up building negative member behaviour?

(Richard Millington) #2

I haven’t seen much data on this. I remember the Student Rooms saying it reduced participation by a significant amount.

So I’d probably recommend against it. Usually better to accentuate the good than focus on the bad.

(Jayashree Rukhaiyar) #3

Thanks. That was my thought too. Down voting would discourage a closed member group from participating.

(Darren Gough) #4

I tend to agree with @richard_millington and think it encourages negative behaviour. That said, I think it depends what they are up/down voting.

For example, if it’s a vote on an opinion of another comment, it can be used as a tool for deliberate negativity, but if it’s a vote on something more tangible (say product feedback) it can be a good way to gauge feedback (for example, how HotUKDeals weave community and products smartly together).

Either way I’d advise to be aware of the inevitable claims of bullying. Too many people down-voting a comment runs the risk that the recipient feels intimidated and will react accordingly.

Generally best to encourage positivity I think