Do you pay for upgrades?


(Brittney Wilson) #1

We have been discouraged from upgrading the community platform we are using due to potential complexity. Instead, they almost always provide a backport to fix bugs that arise.

Now, however, they are refusing to apply a fix for a bug stating we are on an unsupported platform. When I enquired about upgrading, they state there is a fee (both to the platform provider and potentially a 3rd party).

Does your community platform charge for upgrades?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Wow, that’s pretty rough. We don’t charge for upgrades at Discourse, no.

(Jason Hill) #3

Feel free to name and shame the vendor. Might help others avoid them in future! It sounds like you aren’t getting great support.

(remah) #4

I would want to have more information before talking about naming and shaming anybody. There needs to be a lot more clarity from the @thenerdynurse just to be certain that we are not being unrealistic because we’re trying to compare apples with oranges.

The most obvious issue is that the term “community platform” is imprecise and tells us nothing about the actual computer/digital platform.

There are many questions that could produce good reasons why an upgrade is going to cost real money:

  • Is the entire “community platform” unsupported or is it some part? The “3rd party” could be a software license fee for underlying software.
  • Is @thenerdynurse talking about one application or more than one application. Discourse is one application so any upgrade is far less likely to require an upgrade fee. But if Discourse were being used as one part of a highly integrated set of applications then an upgrade fee is entirely conceivable.
  • Is the “community platform” provider a hosting service or the developer of the application? Either way could produce such costs.
  • Is the complexity that prevents them from keeping up-to-date with the usual smaller updates/upgrades the real reason that there is now a cost because the job has now become too big or complex.
  • Is the technology stack open source or closed source? Discourse is open source so an upgrade fee is far less acceptable but not unheard of where integration services are required.
  • Is the hardware virtualised or bare metal (e.g. a dedicated box sitting somewhere)?
  • What contracts have been signed?
  • … and so on

(Nick Emmett) #5

It certainly sounds a pretty tough line. we don’t pay to upgrade ours (Salesforce) - it would be good to understand which platform you’re using. i.e. if it’s a typical cloud platform, SaaS style then I would expect it to be included in your monthly (or whatever cadence) subscriptions.