Do you have a "Green Room" for your superstars?


(Nick Emmett) #1

Hey groovers, hope you’re all well.

I’m wondering how some of you guys manage “mass” communication with your superstars? Do you have a specific, private group in your community for them? Mass email? Skype?Slack?

I’m thinking of creating an unlisted group for mine. They will be predominantly a certain reputation level or higher, with the title of Ninja Warrior or above. I love the concept of a “Green Room” that tv shows use for their VIPs and guests appearing on the show, where they can run things by them and get them comfy and meet each other etc.

For my Ninja Warriors I’m thinking of calling the group The Dojo.

Just wondered how you guys handled this?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Yup! Discourse has that functionality already build in. If you reach TL3 you get access to a private category called The Lounge. It’s disabled here at FeverBee but I utilise it at UXM.

(Nick Emmett) #3

And what sort of thing do you use it for @HAWK?

I’m thinking of when I want to socialise and mobilise for a post or something, or some help with welcomes. Or feedback on new features etc.

(Robert McIntosh) #4

I do this in one of my communities. It has only just launched (and is on Discourse) so few members have reached TL3 and therefore the Lounge exists but is not used.

I created a closed network within the Site Feedback category to discuss ideas that I have planned in order to get feedback from a selected group of those who are most active on the site or have been handpicked because of their knowledge or status.

I called it the “Ideas Group” because it was specifically intended for that

I’m not sure about the tone set by ‘Ninja Warriors’ and ‘Dojo’ myself … but I guess you know your audience

(Sarah Hawk) #5

At UXM I use it as a sort of super-users lounge for people to ask for feedback on things that they wouldn’t ask in public.

At Meta we use it to seek opinions from members that have been around a while and know the ropes.

Basically the same sorts of things that you are mentioning.

(Colleen Young) #6

Hey @Nick_Emmett, I run a community for patients and use a private group for my community’s superstars. It works really well. Things I use it for include:

  • announcements of new things coming or happenings in the organization; they get a sneak preview
  • calls for user testing; usually they are part of developing and UA of the new things
  • coaching; I stole @HAWK’s idea of prepending subject lines using terms like [Tip] [New] [Kudos]; coaching usually comes in the form of positive example. I congratulate the success of a superuser using a behaviour we desire and encourage others to replicate
  • welcoming and integrating new superusers into the group
  • developing the agenda for our teleconferences and program for our yearly meetup just for superusers

Most importantly, the superusers use the private group to connect and build a deeper sense of community amongst themselves and to improve their skills as community mentors. They talk about difficult conversations they may encounter and get ideas from their colleagues. They get support from one another when they feel tapped out or need support because of their own health issues. They also share tips about promoting the community. My favourite thread is about how they use their swag to get conversations started with complete strangers in supermarkets, community meetings and at the gym.

I love the Green Room analogy.

(Colleen Young) #7

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