Do we need a Workplace/Facebook exit strategy?


(Mark Bazin) #1

Our internal community is on Workplace, Facebook’s product for corporate communities. Been with it for about a year - it’s been a pretty good experience for the most part and we’ve gone pretty well all-in on it. It hasn’t served all our needs perfectly, but for our cost (free for nonprofits), I’m pleased.

With all the brouhaha around Facebook and privacy right now, I’m curious if we need to strategize on switching. The folks on the Workplace team say it’s a wholely separate product that doesn’t do all the collection that Facebook does. And so far I haven’t gotten any “complaints” from anyone. But I don’t want to ignore the brewing scandal and what effect it might have on stifling user interaction and driving down adoption.

Has anyone else been dealing with this? Am I just borrowing trouble? I thoroughly don’t want to deal with switching, but I’m worried it may become a necessity (if for no reason other than optics).

(Luis Villa) #2

I’d be more concerned about FB’s commitment to keep it running/publicly available. I know they use it internally (a good sign!) but if they hunker down non-essential stuff might get deprioritized. Still, I’m sure they’ll have a long deprecation period if they do go that way.

(Mark Bazin) #3

It is possible, but they have a fair number of giant customers (Walmart, Starbucks, Dominos), so I’m reasonably confident this product will remain indefinitely but you never know. I doubt they are making much (if anything) on it yet, but that’s pretty much the risk with most vendors like this.

(Adrian Speyer) #4

The only question I would have, is if you wanted to leave, can you get a copy of your data in a useable format? Also what kind of information is available for you in the download? If you are able to get essentially some sort of csv or SQL dump, migrating to another platform in the future would not be an issue, if the day they pull the plug does come.

(Jess Burnham) #5

I saw the article the other day, it might be a useful resource for you @markatcristorey