Discussing Research Applications in CoP - Ideas and Thoughts Needed

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Hi!. I’m looking for insights on how you have approached the below scenario and/or what your thoughts are on my idea. All thoughts are appreciated!

About the community members
Two of our community of practice’s goals are to increase critical thinking and increase use of quality resources We have a small subset of academic members and PhD students who conduct research in the field but do not currently have widespread participation from them.

Opportunity: Taking Research and Discussing its Applications
I think promoting published research and exploring how it could be applied to practice would help us meet both goals. I’ve been mulling over two potential ideas and need outside thoughts on their merits:

Member Highlight: We interview researchers and collect insights on the research aims, research findings, and some ideas on application of research. This would be a mostly passive experience for the audience. (A variation would be to have an ‘industry’ representative conduct the interview. This could lead to a natural discussion on application of findings)

Highlight with discussion: We could do the above interview and then facilitate an online discussion around the application of research. At this time, members could ask clarifying questions.

**Risks/Ponderings: **
Quality of research
The key risk I can identify is ‘quality.’ My team could create a confidential short list of reputable universities and journals. If this concept became popular, we would want to have a process for handling member-nominated research from outside universities.

Research is not a one-person job
We may not have all published authors as members of our site. Would we need to recruit all of them? Or, does the participant need to obtain author approval before proceeding?

Low participation
Research isn’t the sexiest of subjects. Would exploring the application be enough? What questions would be the most meaningful?

Does your community have these research to application discussions? If so, how do you frame them?

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And I am shamelessly tagging users who have identified as COP managers - I would love your thoughts! @stevebridger @Robert @Laura_Loomis

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Hi @Katie_Paffhouse_Buss,

I really like this idea as an academic myself. Learning that another member of the community has a similar interest, research, or ideas through the member highlight would be a great way to get them interacting.

About your Risks/Ponderings

  1. I totally agree that quality is an issue, and I like the approach you have, but I would focus more on the journals than the universities. There are some great researchers at less known universities that still publish in very respected and reputable journals and vice versa. So I would focus on creating a list of reputable journals more than a list of universities.Reputable journals are peer reviewed by experts in the field and almost act your process for handling member nominated research from outside universities. This should help to eliminate the need to develop a process for members from outside universities, if they are published in the journals on your list then I would let them in.

  2. It is unlikely you would need to recruit all of them, but you usually do need to make sure the author that is a member gets approval from the other authors to present research before proceeding. The only possible exception might be if the first author is a member, they may not need approval from the others based on what all the authors agreed to at the start.

  3. Exploring the application may be enough depending on how you present it. Saying come here to learn how to apply this xyz theory is not as sexy as saying here is a solution to a common problem and then show how the research provides the solution.

Hope this helps!


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Many thanks for these thoughts! I’ve noted a change in process for the confidential Journal listing and coauthor approval.

Good point on the solution to problems. I managed to drum up a list of hurdles for researchers translation to application:

  1. Anecdotally, I’ve heard research outcomes cite additional research is needed before implementation. I suspect this may be due to the risk of prescribing a solution - instead, would industry need to determine when ‘good enough’ exists?
  2. The lynch pin may be the practice. Specifically, I’ve seen research studies recommend possible courses of action. How can we provide a space for people to practice the new course of action before implementing? I think back to days working with larger companies - their R&D departs allowed for this trial and error step. Now that I work with more ‘one-man’ shops, how do they gain the practice?

. Most likely these would answer through a trial run - would you be game? I’d love to find a few studies, draft some questions and approaches and test it.

(Joe Narusis) #6

Happy to help!

In response to hurdles you listed

  1. I would view the “further research is needed” issue as an opportunity for the researchers to discuss with practitioners in industry if they think that is the case (similar to determining when “good enough exists”) or have practitioners suggest new areas that the researchers have not come across. Maybe also ask those is industry as well if there are any burning questions or issues they want answered related to the topic of the current research. As a researcher, this could be a great way to come with new ideas and problems to research.

  2. I think what you can do is provide a space for people to discuss how they think these new practices would operate in the real world or if they have experienced anything similar to some of the solution suggested in the research.Maybe then after the discussion, individuals could agree to test different solutions they believe in and report back the results. Then have a follow up discussion about how testing the various solution went.

Not sure what you are referring to in your last sentence unfortunately “. Most likely these would answer through a trial run - would you be game? I’d love to find a few studies, draft some questions and approaches and test it.”

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Ugh - that’s what I get for typing between meetings. I was thinking of laying out what a sample interaction could be like using recent research. I’d love input on the questions I develop and prompts prepared.

Here’s a go at it:
We could take this paper http://aja.pubs.asha.org/article.aspx?articleid=2596075. It was published in a reputable Journal and has some conclusive evidence.
Step One: Interview a researcher: We would ask the researcher to answer these questions. The goal would be to build familiarity with the project:

  • Describe how you decided to pursue this research project.
  • What findings surprised you, if any?
  • What advice do you have for people looking to apply your research?
  • What’s next for you and your team?

Step Two: Explore and Practice Using Case Studies
we would create one or two case study scenarios and ask discussion participants to answer these questions:

  • How would a professional change his/her approach?
  • What are the risks of implementing the change approach without more research?
  • Would there be a need to describe the new approach you are taking to your client? If so, how could you do this?

Further prompts: We could ask these follow-up questions after we have exhausted discussion on the case studies: Now that we have explored the conclusion, how do you envision using this in your practice? If you do not envision using it, what further information would you seek before reconsidering it?

Step Three: Follow-up several months later to see if anyone has used in their practice and what they have learned.

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thanks for the tag :slight_smile:

I like to be very simple with these kinds of questions.

  1. what’s a must have?
  2. what’s a nice to have?

in other words, what would add significant long term value to your community?

does that help :blush: ?

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #9

A great point - I have a tendency to over engineer things!

(Todd Nilson) #10

Hi @Katie_Paffhouse_Buss thanks for bringing your ideas to the forum! I like the Member Highlight idea. I’ve seen communities also use a Q&A (with moderator prompts) for interviews with subject matter experts that get some nice attention. What about including a panel of SME’s?

If your platform has and ideation or voting module, you could use it for upvoting of certain journals / programs

I’m not sure if this was your intention but it might be useful to actually show members what the interaction could look like ideally with this interaction. Helping members to imagine a use for the community and giving them a specific instance could help model the behaviors your looking to create.

Don’t worry about it! :slight_smile: I think that the key to remember is to try something and see if you get the engagement you’re looking to create and don’t hesitate to conduct more tests to see what sticks.