Discourse users – what is missing from your Admin dashboard


(Sarah Hawk) #1

One of my first projects at Discourse is the redesign of the Admin dashboard. At present it’s suboptimal – it’s less of a dashboard and more of an afterthought.

What features would be included in your oh-my-god-this-is-the-best-community-dashboard-ever dashboard?

What info do you want to get at a glance?

@thirstforwine @ingridp @JoelZaslofsky @garthus @Travis @dun3buggi3 @tophee @ale_fattorini @evgeny and anyone else using Discourse

How to group content, prevent large topics?
(Ingrid Peters) #2

Hi Sarah,

How was your first week at Discourse? Good to have you ‘back’ here!

As you know I am new to community management and also to Discourse. My first impression of the dashboard was one of being confused about what the different stats mean and if I really need all of this information. Also how are the numbers calculated? For example, I spend two hours yesterday with two moderators testing the system. On my dashboard it shows 589 total page views. I guess this means all the different pages incl. the admin pages we visited. I am just wondering if this info is relevant for a dashboard? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I guess I would be looking for stats like top contributors, or members that spend a lot of time reading. Instead of getting just the numbers I would expect to also get the user name. So not just ‘new user = 5’, but have a click through to their accounts.

Hope this helps! :wink:

(Robert McIntosh) #3

Ooh, wow. BIG question. I’ll try to put down some thoughts in some degree of order.

Hope the new job is everything you hoped it would be :slight_smile:

(tophee) #4

By “Dashboard”, do you mean strictly admin/or anything that has admin/ in itsburl?

Three things come to mind spontaneously:

  1. Really minor, but anyway: I’d like to sort users by “last emailed”
  2. I’d like to select at least one of the graph timeline views (now accessible via links in the stats tables) to be shown directly on the dashboard and I’d like to be able to change the resolution for those graphs from daily to weekly, monthly, yearly.
  3. This is more an ongoing thought than a specific feature request, but I’d love to see better support for the kind of backstage management that CMs do a lot, especially new user on boarding. Currently, I write a PM to every new user about 1-2 days after they signed up and I use the staff notes plugin to keep track of whom I emailed and who responded. That’s a lot of clicking to find relevant information or to see where I am in the process of messaging people. I’m not sure how exactly this can be improved and how much of this falls within the scope of redesigning the dashboard, but since you asked for my “oh-my-god-this-is-the-best-community-dashboard-ever dashboard”, I dare speculate that one way to do this might be a (non-public) user field “on boarding stage” which could take a number of customizable values (like “welcome message sent” and “replied to welcome message”) and which could be displayed at various places. For example, the numeric equivalent of each stage (“sent welcome message” = 1 etc) could be part of the admin/users/ table.

(Travis King) #5

I would really love more customization on the data. A way to break it down further. By tag or user visits by category etc.

Also, if the data could self-total…I would love you forever!

(tophee) #6

Yes, I’d also appreciate some clarification (especially: time to first response), perhaps as a mouse-over tool tip or simply on the detailed page for each statistic.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Thanks for the feedback so far guys – I have it all noted down. Please keep it coming.

Here are some specific answers to qs above:

Magic thanks. I’m finding it both enjoyable (people/culture) and challenging (steep tech learning curve).

Pageviews are indeed confusing. There is some info on how they are calculated here.

And a good explanation here.

You’re in luck! That already exists. You can find it in your community by selecting Users from the hamburger menu


Is that different from what you can currently access at /admin/email/sent ?

For sure. That’s def part of this project and part of the reason that I’ve been brought onto the team – to build out usability from a CM perspective.

(tophee) #8

Yes, I’m referring to /admin/users/list/active

I’d almost assume that it’s a bug that you can’t sort by “last emailed” but haven’t gotten down to reporting it on meta.

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Oh yes! You can sort by everything else. Weird.

(Richard Millington) #10

Related problem, I find myself unable to change someone’s name in Discourse. When I change it, it reverts back shortly after. Any ideas?

(Robert McIntosh) #11

Do you have [sso overrides name] checked? It is probably taking it from your wordpress database instead

(Sarah Hawk) #12

@thirstforwine is correct – SSO means that all changes have to happen through WP. I’ve fully documented that process for you in the handover docs. Ping me if you get stuck.

(Nigel Amyes) #13

Congrats on the move @HAWK

On a slightly unrelated topic, we’re about to add Discourse into our membership portal… do you have a non-geek speak manual or documentation we can use to get things setup and rolling?

(Sarah Hawk) #14


Are you planning to self-host?

There is a tonne of info in this topic, specifically the wiki in post #10

If you need more support, jump over to meta.discourse.org

(Nigel Amyes) #15

@HAWK Yes, we’re planning on self-hosting, the documentation I had found was a little confusing and hard to follow… but then I’m not an IT geek and certainly cannot geek speak haha.

The link to the Discourse documentation is a massive help! thanks

(Sarah Hawk) #16

You’ll need a fair degree of technical know-how to self host…

This post outlines the other options.

(Nigel Amyes) #17

@HAWK I believe that’s where our developers/ geek speak professionals come in :slight_smile: it’s really a great relationship, I say get this sorted and they… well beaver away in the dark and get it sorted :slight_smile:

I’ve shown them the meta.discourse.org page and they are confident they can deliver… fingers crossed!

(Sarah Hawk) #18


(Sujan) #19

I am writing this from the perspective of a moderator, not an administrator of a Discourse board:

  • “Top Referred Topics” could show so much more: Different time frames, more results (all of them?), integrated information (when was the topic created? how many replies? how many participants?)
  • Similar for “Top Traffic Sources” (which is just a list of google domains in my case - so maybe filter domains?)
  • /admin/users/ would be useful to “segment” users so I can view the most active that registered last week
  • /admin/users/list/active actually seems to be broken when you sorted by “topics viewed asc” and then want to change it back - only shows 0 topics viewed users to me

Right now the dashboard is quite a “mess”. It would probably make sense to group it by “jobs to be done” somehow: Who are my users? What content is popular? How much traffic is this thing getting? How are some KPIs?

(Mark Williams) #20

This is probably not exactly what you are looking for, but I am experienced with a couple of platforms and have not used Discourse past installing it one time and deleting it the next day. Would it be at all interesting to ‘sit’ and have me walk through it for the first time with you and give you initial impressions on how I might try to solve things? No worries if not, but thought I’d throw it out there.