Discourse slower than Nodebb and Flarum?

(Lee Lee) #1

Hi All, I am running some tests just based on observation on my mobile phone, not scientific by any standards. Does anyone know if it normally takes longer for Discourse to load when compared to Nodebb and Flarum?

Both Nodebb and Flarum loads almost instantaneously on my phone, but Discourse is a bit slow especially with the forum index page where all the topics are shown on one page , are there any known speed issues with Discourse?

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I’m not aware of any known issues, but perhaps @erlend_sh can confirm.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

I would be surprised, as Discourse is pretty optimized for phones. There was a big rewrite this spring that sped up android by 8x or something. It is the case that the first time you load the site it’s slower than subsequent loads. There are lots of variables. Discourse loads only 20 messages at a time, so it loads fast regardless of how long a thread is, and it remembers where you left off,so it doesn’t load messages you have already read.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

As far as subsequent page loads are concerned, I would be very surprised if there are any major differences in speed, since Discourse, NodeBB and Flarum are all single page applications built on the same principle, which is that once the web app bundle is loaded it’s all speedy low-bandwidth data from there, since there’s very little redrawing of pages going on.

As @Jay_Pfaffman pointed out, probably the only noticeable difference is the first-time load. Our bundle is bigger than that of NodeBB or Flarum, which impacts the loading time of your first-time visit to a Discourse site. The reason our bundle is bigger is that Discourse simply does more advanced stuff out-of-the-box. For instance, I’m pretty sure we’re one of very few community platforms that track reading time, which is a very valuable metric for our pseudo-autonomous moderation system.

Speed is a major priority for Discourse and we consider it critical to our UX story, but our overarching goal is to facilitate civilized discussion in the best way possible. If some of the fancier things we do to achieve that goal means we won’t be the fastest at everything, we’re okay with just being fast enough.

(Lee Lee) #5

@HAWK @erlend_sh @Jay_Pfaffman

THANKS ALL !! I just tested today again, the speed is fine today. Perhaps like Erlend suggested, it is the FIRST load that may take a bit longer which was in fact what I experienced yesterday, the FIRST load took a bit of time and then when I went into the threads (some has as many as 60+ posts in it) it wasn’t much of an issue.

Anyway, today everything looks perfect as far as speed is concerned. BTW I am using Android.

Questions if I may:

  1. you know there is a THREAD Summary underneath the FIRST post in each thread, can Admin disable that so that it will not show? My community always complain about too many features and too distracting, it would be great if Admin can choose to disable the Thread summary that appears underneath the first post in each thread.

  2. Erlend, you mentioned Discourse tracks users’ reading time etc with a lot of advanced stuff bundled out of the box, can Admin disable any of the advanced features in order to make the script even more light-weight and less demanding on the resources?

Many thanks for all the feedback,very helpful and much appreciated.

(Sarah Hawk) #6

You can define how many responses need to be in a topic before it is summarised, so you could set it to an unachievable number.

(Lee Lee) #7

@HAWK Fantastic, thanks Sarah !

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #8

There’s currently no way to disable read time tracking, but most of Discourse’s advanced features can be tweaked in your /admin settings. If you run into a feature that you don’t need which you’d like to disable, you should make a feature request for it.