Discourse documentation

(Jim Underwood) #21

Hi @remah.

Your outline of Discourse documentation is totally awesome.

I’m a moderator of another site that uses Discourse, and would like to ask you if you guys ever completed, or even partially completed, the Discourse documentation?

If so, could my site obtain a copy?
Keyboard Maestro Forum.

As I’m sure you are well aware, Discourse documentation is very hard to find.


(remah) #22

I had originally considered producing better generic documentation for Discourse but that was mainly for the forums I was developing. Those plans are on hold.

The best place to go remains https://meta.discourse.org/c/howto

(Sarah Hawk) #23

@jmichaeltx If you need help finding something specific, let me know. FWIW we have recently employed a new team member who has plans to get our documentation into shape.

(Jim Underwood) #24

Sarah @HAWK, thanks for the offer, but it’s not just one thing, it is many, both for moderators like myself, and the regular users. As I’m sure you’re painfully aware, discourse.org does not provide good, comprehensive documentation of their own product.

So, it is with great interest that we await your efforts here. Please post back here when finished, or even when you have a good draft. Anything you can produce will be better than what we have now.