Discourse Cheat Sheet

(Sarah Hawk) #1

This post is a ‘how-to’ or a ‘cheat sheet’ which explains how to go negotiate Discourse and execute basic functions.

My No. 1 Tip for new Discourse users

There are SO many new things to learn and remember when finding your way around a new platform for the first time. You will read many documents containing helpful information and you’ll probably want to refer back to them at some stage. You can bookmark those posts for easy reference by using the button at the bottom of the post.

You can retrieve bookmarked posts but selecting the Bookmarks option from your profile dropdown


Posts in Discourse are formatted using Markdown. When you create a post, you will see the raw markdown on the left and a preview on the right. Here is a full Markdown cheat sheet.

To get back to the home page

Clicking the Feverbee icon at the top left will take you back to the Community home page no matter where you are. Clicking the HOME link will take you to the FeverBee home page.

To reply with a quote

To do a reply with quote, highlight the text you want to quote and a pop-up will appear saying “quote reply”. Click it and that text will be copied to a new post. To reply to multiple posts in the same thread, repeat the process again until you get all your quotes.

Inserting an image

Once you reach Trust Level 1 you will be able to insert images using:

  • drag & drop (it even works for multiple images at once )
  • the upload button in the composer toolbar (keyboard shortcut: CTRL+G)
  • a link to the image (on a line by itself)
  • copy & paste (Chrome only)

Subscribing to categories and topics

Some key definitions to understand are:

  • Watching - You will be notified of every new post in the topic. The count of unread and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.

  • Tracking - You will be notified only if someone mentions your @name or replies to your post. The count of unread and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.

  • Regular - You will be notified only if someone mentions your @name or replies to your post.

  • Muted - You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear on your unread tab.

To subscribe to a Category (or forum) go to your preferences (via your Profile page) page.

To subscribe to a Topic (or thread) go to the topic in question and scroll to the bottom. Just above the Suggested Topics table is a notifications drop-down, from which you select the appropriate option.

Keyboard navigation

The Keyboard Shortcut menu can be accessed by ?

Jump To Section

g + l Latest
g + n New
g + u Unread
g + c Categories

u Back
# Select post number (use Enter to move)
k/j Move selection up/down
o or Enter Open selected topic
shift + k/shift + j Next/previous section (only from section pages - Home, Latest, New, etc.)

c Create a new topic (Only functions on a category page e.g. HTML or a section page e.g New. Does not function on the Categories/Home pages, or from within a topic.)
n Open notifications drop-down
= Open Site Map Menu
p Open Profile Menu
/ Search. Also Ctrl + F, within a topic only
? Open keyboard shortcuts menu

f Star topic
Shift + s Share topic
s Share post
Shift + r Reply to topic
r Reply to post
t Reply as New Topic
q Quote post
l Like post
! Flag post
b Bookmark post
e Edit post
d Delete post
m + m Mute topic
m + r Regular (default) topic
m + t Track topic
m + w Watch topic

Welcome to Discourse