[Directory] What platform do you use?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

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@mdfw (Jive Forums - Jive 6)
@Kristen_Gastaldo (JiveX - Cloud)
@cathyjliu (JiveX - Cloud)
@jordan_dayton (JiveX - Cloud)


Higher Logic









@mdfw (in the past)

Zendesk Community


Invision Community


Legacy software

(vBulletin, phpBB, UBB, etc)
@bartvb - phpBB

Facebook Groups


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[Directory] What kind of community do you work with?
[Directory] What kind of community do you work with?
(Bart van Bragt) #3

Oh my, no one using the old skool forum software anymore?

(Joel Rangelle) #4

I’m curious as to why certain software are dumped into a Legacy software. I use one of them to power my community, and it’s a modern community platform with a content management system, question-and-answer, social groups, and more.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

I believe @bartvb added that category.

TBH though, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone chose those platforms now, esp not vB (and I wouldn’t have before I worked at Discourse). Which one do you use?

(Joel Rangelle) #6

Thanks @HAWK for the response. I use Invision Community (formerly known as IPB).

One of the reasons why I selected them is that they offer a suite of applications including content management, calendars, forums, gallery, files, and ecommerce. This is important if you’re building a standalone website around your community and want to offer rich content or other publishing channels alongside your community on a single platform. The other reason is that, even though I’m a small lil’ site in my corner of the web :slight_smile:, they’re used to working with large enterprises so their experience seeps into the software for everyone’s benefit.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

That makes complete sense.

(Matt Mecham) #8

Would it be OK to create a new category called “Invision Community” and put myself and Joel there?

I’m the co-founder of Invision Community, and it’s true that we’ve been around a long time - but that doesn’t mean we’ve not moved with the times.

(Matt Mecham) #9

I’ve edited the list, hope that’s OK!

(Sarah Hawk) #10

Editing the list is fine with me – I created it when I worked here and now I don’t. It’s ultimately @richard_millington’s call.

I’d be more inclined to remove your promotional post though. :wink:

(Richard Millington) #11

I didn’t really people could manually edit the list actually :slight_smile:

I’m ok with it for now. As @HAWK says go easy on any self-promotion though.

We have pretty firm rules about that.

(Matt Mecham) #12

On reflection it was a bit OTT (and I’ve edited it).

I was just a little stunned to see we had been put in a “do not use - legacy” category. :joy:

I’ve been following FeverBee for a long time, and I’m a big fan. I nod along to almost every email that I read and you stick with the realities of running a community and not just the deep theory.