[Directory] What kind of community do you work with?

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This is a wiki topic, meaning that anyone can edit it. Please add your name to the appropriate list (or add a new category if necessary).

This will help us connect with others that may be able to help with our community-specific challenges.

We also have a Platform Directory if you have a question relating to a specific software platform.

Product or Support Community


Community of Practice

@tamaraparris (EHSQ)

Society / Membership (Engagement)

@jdg239 Joel G.

Education or Higher Ed

@jdg239 Joel G.

Health or Medical

@Breastcancer_org (Melissa Jenkins)
@lucio8 (CLIC Sargent)

Intranet/Internal Knowledge Management


Computer Games


Comprehensive Community (Engagement + Intranet)


Open source/Wiki contributors


[Directory] What platform do you use?
Please add yourself to our member directory
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Anyone here managing an online community for an Association?
Managing customers via your community
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(Nick Emmett) #3

Great idea, love this! I wonder what other uses it could have!

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(Nick Emmett) #22

This would be great if we could filter also - perhaps on something like Platform, so people could see who was here using the same platform as they are.

(Sarah Hawk) #23

It would, but unfortunately that isn’t functionally possible out of the box. We could have a second directory where people list by platform though. Would that be helpful?

(Courtney Howell) #24

I like this idea!

(Sarah Hawk) #25


(Luca Tiralongo) #26

[quote=“HAWK, post:1, topic:5710”]
[/quote] Don’t seem to be able to add my name @HAWK

(Sarah Hawk) #27

That’s strange. Are you getting an error? How far through the process can you get?

(Luca Tiralongo) #29

Got it!

(Cedric Debono) #30

@HAWK, does the “Gaming” category refer to “computer games” or “gambling”? Just so I know whether I should put myself under that heading, or create one called “Computer Games”.

(Nick Emmett) #31

Looking at the only other person in there right now it’s computer Gaming @cedric_debono

(Cedric Debono) #32

Awesome. I think it would be best to label it that way though, so as to avoid confusion. In the gambling world, “Gaming” is often the terms used.

(Sarah Hawk) #33

I didn’t know that! Thanks for the tip.

(hellekin wolf) #34

I have difficulty putting myself in the wiki, since I’m a hardcore transdisciplinarian working with:

  • Community of Practice
  • Education or Higher Ed
  • Computer Games
  • Comprehensive Community (Engagement + Intranet)
  • Open source/Wiki contributors

(Sarah Hawk) #35

You can put yourself in more than one category.

(Richard Millington) unpinned #36

(Joel Rangelle) #37

Thanks for putting together this directory! I added myself to the social category.