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Continuing the discussion from Discourse documentation:

This is the first draft of a wiki topic on largely generic Discourse help topics found on English-language Discourse sites. It is one step on the path to developing a generic guide to Discourse.


The limitations:

  • This is a collection of help topics rather than topics with helpful posts in them.
  • The help topics at are not yet included.
  • Some features and actions are specific to the forums the topics appear in.

The heading structure needs more work so any suggestions or help will be appreciated: this is a wiki topic. Note the hidden content using the detail feature:

  • to hide lists of less useful links
  • to include lists of features covered e.g. in private messages to welcome new users

Discourse Help Topic Directory


Understanding and Using Discourse’s Flat Threading
Threaded conversation vs Flat conversation


Feature list
New Mobile Apps
Example of Forum Stats
Example of Automatic Image Gallery

Single sign-on (SSO)

How do I login using GitHub authentication instead of a password?

Share a view, category, post

How to subscribe via RSS
Discuss RSS feed and JSON response
use an RSS feed to a forum
Share a topic on FaceBook

Forum guidelines

Mar. 2016 Example Guidelines
Dec. 2015 Forum guidelines - modified from Discourse and Wikipedia

Welcome new users

Making new users feel welcome

Invite new users

How to invite others

How to find someone you know

How to find your pals/ favorite posters on any forums
Example Custom Profile Buttons to Use

Who’s Online plug-in

Who’s Online?

Installation guides

How to Set Up Discourse Multisite with Letsencrypt SSL
How To Use Screen To Bootstrap A Development Install (Ubuntu)


Dark theme on desktop

Use a DARK color theme

Automatic logon script

Automatic Login


How to print current year in JavaScript for copyright footer on websites

New site

Welcome examples

New site: Welcome! Here’s what you need to know


Admin Quick Start details * Admin dashboard * Staff members * Social logins * Test email * Categories: Default Categories; Add Categories * Pinned Topics and Banners * New User Sandbox and the Trust System * Sending Invitations * Maintenance

Forum usage

New user automation

Welcome PMs

Welcome to Discourse private message (under your user card messages e.g. is only visible to me)

Welcome PM details I'd like to see the PM and blog covering the same material:
  • Navigation icon buttons
    • Next unread reply
    • Progress bar
    • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Reply buttons
    • Reply to topic
    • Reply to post
    • Reply in new topic
    • Insert Quote
    • Insert Notify someone
    • Insert Emoji
    • Summary link
  • Action buttons below post
    • Like post
    • Flag post
    • Share link to post
    • Bookmark post
  • Notifications
    • Notification count
    • Notification email
  • Preferences
    • New topics
    • Participation tracked
    • New and unread in blue
    • Notification level per topic and category
  • Community trust
    • Trust levels
    • Reply to admin
Welcome PM examples by date Hardly any site that I searched posts the Welcome PM content in a public topic: Jan. 2017 [Navigate the Forum]( May 2016 [How to use this [Bank of New Zealand] site]( April 2014 [Tips for using the Folksy forum]( Dec. 2013 [How to use Discourse](

Default link to Discourse blog New user tips and tricks

Blog details I'd like to see the blog and PM covering the same material:
  • Reading
    • Last read post
    • Updated since last visit
    • Read to end
  • Navigation
    • Navigation icon buttons at top right
    • Timeline
    • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Replying
    • Reply button
    • Insert quote
    • Notify someone
    • Emoji
    • Summary for a link
    • Formatting HTML, BBCode, or Markdown
    • Commonmark tutorial
  • Action buttons
    • Like post
    • Share link to post
    • More actions
    • Flag post
    • Bookmark post
  • Notifications
    • Notification count
    • Notification email
  • Preferences
    • New topics
    • Participation tracked
    • Notification level per topic and category

Welcome PM from Discobot narrative bot

An example of the interaction here at Feverbee 🐝 Meet @discoFEVERbot – FeverBee's interactive welcome/Discourse help guide

Discobot details * Bookmark post * Insert link * Insert emoji * Format text (bold, italic) * Commonmark * Insert Quote * Insert Picture * Like post * Flag post * Search * Keyboard shortcuts (desktop-only)

New user tips

Mobile access

Shortcut on an Android home screen

How to use the forum

Tips for effective conversation on the forum: replies, quotes, and replying as a new topic
Linkin Park & LP Underground Forum Help, Updated - very nicely done
A Beginner’s Guide to the Forums
How to navigate this forum

Discourse Cheat Sheet topic
Cheat Sheet
Forum Basics: User FAQ
Discourse cheat sheet
Posting Links to Articles

Further new user tips [New User Tips & Tricks Wiki]( [Try the keyboard shortcuts]( - image of shortcuts [Hidden features in Discourse!]( [Community Help and How To]( [Forum Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features]( [Newcomer Topics/FAQs]( is one topic with many posts [Using the forum]( - very old [Did you know?]( topic

How to use the forum like a mailing list

Interacting With Like a Mailing List
How to configure and use mailing list (digest) mode
FAQ: How can I receive every Orchid post as individual emails?


Staff roles

Staff badges

About assigned badges
Staff Badges - includes spoilers too

Trust levels

An explanation of trust levels - straight from Discourse


Navigating the main page
How to Show New Topics Created

New topics




Split-head users i.e. with multiple accounts

User privacy

Warnings about sharing/making public your private details in your user profile
User profiles and Privacy

Add a user account

Delete a user account

Deleting versus anonymizing a user account

Anonymise a user account

Deleting versus anonymizing a user account

User profile

Display your user profile
How to access my user profile
Signatures - Why we don’t have them , and what options we do have. - about user profile changes + we now have signatures through a plug-in

User card

User preferences

User profiles - has lots of automative references and custom fields

User anniversary: Cake day plug-in

Cake Day - also includes spoilers


User selectable themes including dark

User activity

User posts

Find your posts

Private messaging

How to PM
Send a private message
spot a private message
spot a Private message (PM)!

Topics and Posts

What is a topic?

What is a post?

New topic

Starting Topics with a link
Always choose a category to increase visibility of your post

Post issues?

Why do I get nagged about my post’s title or length?

Delete a post

How do I delete a post
delete one of my posts
Delete one of my posts

Post anonymously if enabled

Post anonymously(and revert to normal)

Reply to a post

How do I reply to people

Change post title

change a post title

Bookmark a post

bookmark a topic to find it again

Format posts

Basic guide

How can I format a post? - two column layout
How do I format forum posts? - markdown references and LATEX
Formatting Posts
Formatting Cheat Sheet
Formatting Cheat-Sheet
Welcome - I just like the image examples

Adding links

create a link
How links behave
Naming links — tips/conventions/ideas

Mentions using @: users, user groups, categories, tags

Mentions for non-users
Optimal Usage of @ Symbol in Forum
How to mention someone in a comment using @


Making it easier for others to figure out what you are replying to
use quotes and multiquotes in a post

Style guide

BBS Style Manual! - some cool stuff
Format how-to topics

Markdown guide

Markdown to format posts

Keyboard keys

Show keyboard keys in posts

Format code

How do I format code in my posts
How do I include Matlab source code in forum posts?

Code formatting

Code formatting in new forum posts

Equations: MathJax plug-in for LATEX

How to format posts, including math and code - Latex
Adding Latex
How do I include equations in forum posts? - use MathJax

Hidden and expanding text

Hidden/Expanding support
Expand/collapse text in a post

Spoiler text e.g. test

Spoiler Alert- blurring the spoilers for your fellow users

Spoiler Button - includes Staff Badges too


Creating a poll
Composer enhancements - includes other site-specific enhancements
How to create a poll


Tables posting format support


Checklist plugin



Enhanced toolbar

Formatting Toolbar


Upload image

How to upload images (video tutorial)
How to upload pictures (desktop)
How do I upload a picture?
Image Upload Tips
Why Can’t I Create More Than One Image As A New User?

Embed using Onebox

Embedding links

Embed Facebook

Embed Facebook Posts

Embed other

?? Embed Strava Activities

Embed Google Docs

Embed for Google Docs
Embed Google Docs in a post/topic

Embed Google maps

Embedding a map into your post

Xbox One clips

How to share Xbox One clips - The easy way

Wiki post

Wiki post description

Wiki posts explained
Wiki Posts

Add a wiki post

Edit a wiki post

Edit a Wiki Post and see edit history (gif)

Split posts

The split is recorded in the original topic.

Split post to new topic

Take off-topic discussion to a new topic
Reply as a new linked topic

Split post to joke, meme, etc

So you want to start a meme or a joke trend

Translate a post: Discourse-Translator++ plug-in

Live language translator is now available! - not generally available?

Tag a post

Track a topic

Don’t track a topic

Normal vs.Tracking

Closed topics

Why has a topic been closed?

Solved topics: Solved plug-in

How do I mark a problem as solved? - manual edit rather than using the solved plug-in

Check long posts

Check long posts with Microsoft Word plug-in

Use Writage How can you create long posts in Microsoft Word and convert to markdown

Check long posts with browser extension

Use Language Tool


What is a category?

Default categories


May 2016 What is “Meta” or “Site Feedback”?


Categories versus sub-categories

Add a category

Example # before category names. - # makes titles hard to read

Add a user guide category

Example Creating local user guides - actually at but how it is done here


What is a tag?

How to use tags for forum topics

Use existing tags

Example using how to tag Welcome - describes using the forum-howto tag whereas most sites use sub-categories


Mute topics

Muting Topics

Email notifications

Depend upon site and user preferences.

Increase emails

Reply via Email
How to get email notifications while active on the site
How to subscribe to emails of all new topics in Categories or Tags

Reduce emails

How to reduce the number of emails the forum sends to me
How can I reduce the number of emails I get?

Stop emails

How to stop being sent emails
How to stop email notificatonsi


Moderation examples

How we moderate
Argumentum ad hominem Guidelines)
On Trolling and Harassment
Moderating post formatting - entertaining
Keep it tidy: some notes on the forum moderation

Avoid being flagged?


Flagging posts

How to flag a post (to help someone)

help us moderate
Guide to forum flags
Are you flagging?
How to flag posts / keep topics on topic

What if my post is flagged

So your post has been flagged

Earlier iterations April 2013 [What is meta?](

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