Digital trends and tech for interaction at live events

(John Millichamp) #1

Hi there - so this is new territory for me, but I’m hoping it will be a fruitful experience!

I am an events professional, specifically focusing on sales and solution development - attempting to understand a client’s needs in order to develop a solution that is on-brand, meets the client’s objectives and, ultimately, wins the business for the agency.

I am currently ‘between’ jobs and have a good opportunity to land a role at a new agency - as long as I can deliver a compelling piece around the title of this post “Digital trends and technology used to drive employee engagement and interaction at live events; with a specific focus on internal audiences”.

So this is where you guys come in - I have been confidently informed that I may get some good insight into what is new and upcoming in terms of social media, any new or interesting platforms being used (are we just talking online here?). How do people see this area of technology progressing in the near future - is there a trend?

I’m keen to hear peoples thoughts, experiences and inner musings - please…hit me with your best!

So, what are you working on?
(Sarah Hawk) #2

Welcome John. Thanks for jumping straight in.

I’ve seen ephemeral Slack groups work quite well for driving engagement both prior to and at offline events.

I also attended a conference last year that used a great app, but I can’t remember what it was called. @edfryed – what did we use at ConversionXL Live 2016?

Interesting topic.

I’d be interested to hear from @dun3buggi3 @katelynrae and @scottgould on this one.

(Scott Gould) #3

Hi @jmillichamp83

It’s very encouraging to see such a job being put out there!

Sadly I’m not hot at all on digital trends and technologies for events. If you want to discuss ways to make events engaging for internal audiences, I can help, but it would be on the strategic and tactical side apart from technology.

Good luck with it all!

(Shreyas) #4

Hi @jmillichamp83!

I myself just moved to a new job in the first week of January. Between jobs is an exciting time (read as opportunity) :slight_smile:
To give you a some background- the company that I work with now is called HasGeek. We organize some of India’s best technology conferences. So over the last one week, I’ve been getting a dump of what happens during these conferences and a part of that was to understand how we engage with our audience.

Note- This might not be directly relevant to an internal audience, but I’m just gonna put them here in case you get ideas :bulb: on how to use them in your context.

  • Firstly, as @HAWK mentioned, we have a Slack channel for all our conferences. Since we deal with a community of developers, we see that some of them join multiple channels- for instance, someone working on mobile might also want to check out frontend related stuff.
  • In the early stages, our editorial team runs a poll on twitter to see what might be some topics that our audience is interested in. For example, in devOps, monitoring and storage are some specific topics that came from the poll.
  • Hosting Tweetchats and AMA sessions- Before our conferences, we host run up events including online tweet chats with the speakers.
  • Using a social hashtag is also a great way to monitor what people are talking about. Bonus points if you can :heart: /RT some of the responses.
  • Facebook Live is huge- We sometimes live stream parts of our in-house talks on Facebook or Twitter(Periscope). The rest is all recorded and is available on the website.
  • We hosts “Speaker Lounge” during our conferences where we would announce that you can speak to speaker x at y about z from 2PM-3PM etc. Ideally, we use this to produce interviews of speakers or attendees about their experience.
  • Instagram stories is a great way of providing short updates.
  • At one of the conferences I’ve been to, they had a dedicated support team on Social media. The support team had a hashtag that they monitor all throughout and provide help if you tweet them with your “space name” and the floor you’re on. But then again, this is just support, might not really be engagement.