Designing workplans to increase ownership by host organization

(Finman) #1

In developing a community that my friend is working on, she asked me to think of how to use an agreed workplan to incentivize the client’s office workers to utilize the community and take ownership of responsibilities such as communications protocol, posts etc.

Does anyone here have advice on using such a tactic?
Have you seen it done to get organizations to take ownership of a new community?
Do you think it is coercion?
What type of things would you consider a must have for such terms of reference?
What are some measures to avoid in this task ?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

To clarify, do you mean setting and documenting goals and processes around expectations that the organisation has of staff with regard to community involvement?

Assuming yes, that’s a reasonably common approach, and IMO a good one. It’s not coercion, in that they’re being paid to do the job and if taking part in the community is part of a greater organisation goal, it’s good that both parties have a clear understanding of what is expected in terms of time requirements, tone of voice, level of engagement, etc.

If this is done early when the community is new, it should set a pattern of behaviour, which is great.

(Finman) #3

Thanks @HAWK,

Is there a thread with any examples of a demonstration of a Scope of Work or types of tasks when writing these into the workplan?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

These discussions are relevant. They don’t have examples per se, but it might be worth connection with the original posters to see how they approached it.