Defining the health of internal communities


(Inge Van Wegens) #1

Hi, I am Inge, I was lucky to be able to attend a training of Richard. I am a community manager for a company of 14.000 employees. I am particular interested in how to follow up and report on the healthiness of our internal communities with the purpose to let them grow and create value. Anyone tips for me?

First time here? Welcome!
(Richard Millington) #2

Hi @ingevw

Thrilled you could make it here. Hope you enjoyed the session yesterday. It was great to meet you and your team.

@hawk might split this into a separate question to ask the community.

My question first would probably be to define ‘heath’ to you. What are the communities meant to achieve? You can use common lifecycle stages here if you like. e.g.

  • % of discussions initiated by members compared with the community manager.
  • % of members who join virally vs. being directly invited by you.

This is what we tend to use in the community lifecycle. But it depends what first on who or why you’re reporting this data?

(Inge Van Wegens) #3

Hey Richard, since the training, I was very busy with my own Jive learning and structuring my job. That is why I react very late. I have a reporting line to my mgt and they want to know how many groups there are and how ‘active’ and ‘efficient’ they are. Ranking on number over views, likes or creates? What criteria you use to pinpoint high value groups versus others?