Deep internet hole: Description of "Asynchronous Discussions Forums" from '06

(Mark Williams) #1

Was researching weather WebCrossing still exists (and avoiding real work) and came across this gem from, I think, 2006. It’s actually a pretty comprehensive approach.

This is similar to an email discussion, but unlike email, all contributions to the discussion are collected on a “board” which displays all the messages that have been posted to the board.

(Mark Williams) #2

To be clear, I don’t have any connection to WebCrossing any more, they were just my first platform when I started this community management bit and have tried to keep an eye on them over the years. They were way ahead of the curve. Custom NoSQL backend and full admin bits that most systems I’ve played with since do not have. You could really do some cool customizations with it. Sadly, they couldn’t scale to our needs and seem to have had a run of bad luck over the years.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Heh. That’s amazing. They were way ahead of the curve.

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