Dealing with a difficult CM or site admin

(anonymous10) #1

Would anyone like to share – in anonymous mode, if you like – experiences around dealing with a troublemaking site administrator?

I know, it’s an elephant of a question to drop in the room.



Did you know, en dash was named after me?

Anonymous mode – would that lower the barrier to posting?
How To Deal With A Negative Member?
(Sarah Hawk) #2

I have split this out into a topic of its own because recently a couple of people have contacted me asking for advice about dealing with difficult CMs, stakeholders, admins or moderators but they don’t want to be identified.

Note: This discussion has nothing to do with @ralphm and he is not one of the people that contacted me – this response was just split from another discussion in which he was the last commenter.

(Piper_Wilson) #3

In a previous position, the person in charge wasn’t comfortable with written guidelines. They preferred the concept of, “Do the right thing.” Which is fine and dandy when it’s a simple question. The problem was that not all situations are simple.

It was frustrating and discouraging. I just did the best I could and prayed that, if I made the wrong choice, I wouldn’t get into too much trouble over it.