Daily Bonus

(Richard Millington) #1


The strength of most community platforms is they are asynchronous.

If someone doesn’t login today, they don’t miss out on anything. They can catch up tomorrow.

But that strength is also a weakness. If you don’t need to visit today, then why bother? In fact, why not wait a few weeks?

A growing number of apps tackle this by incorporating the daily bonus.

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(Kenneth F) #2

Although I can understand the motivation for “daily bonuses”, these sorts of tactics, in my view, fuel addictive behaviour. If someone logs in once a week or or once a month on a recurring basis, I’m thankful for their contributions, knowing that they are logging in out of their own volition as opposed to the fear of missing out on something. I personally wouldn’t want to be part of a community that has deals for daily activity. A good community should, I believe, complement one’s life and schedule.