Customer survey to support community creation

(Kaitlin McGill) #1

I run community for a D2C brand. This community is a support/conversational community. The community currently exists in a FB group which has made it extremely difficult to tie value back to the business given the limitations of FB analytics.

I’m currently trying to rally to bring community onsite (platform tbd). Our existing community represents only a small fraction of our active customers (not to mention a specific demographic of customer), so in addition to using some industry benchmarks around how community impacts standard KPIs, I also want to survey a large portion of customers who are not even aware of the FB community group to determine if “community” is something they would be interested in, and if so, what conversations, content, and functionality they would like to further support and enhance their experience with our core product.

Has anyone deployed a survey like this or know of good examples? I’m looking for examples on good questions and survey structure that will show (one way or the other) her appetite for community, and reveal which of her needs might be met through community.


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(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hey Kait,
This is an excellent idea. It’s super important to build something based on real feedback, not assumption.

There are some resources in this topic that might help:

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