Customer Experience Platforms


(David Powles) #1

Does anyone have any recommendations on (or experience with) enterprise Customer Experience platforms, from the perspective of community - in terms of included community features or how well they integrate with community and social?

Are there any that can function capably as both Community and CX platform?

(Richard Millington) #2

Hey @David_Powles,

Can you list some of the customer experience platforms you’re considering?

I know a lot of the community platforms also consider themselves experience platforms. Would be good to begin with a list to work with and then look for relevant features.

Is that possible?

(David Powles) #3

Hi @richard_millington , to be honest, my involvement on the CX side is mostly tangential - I’m focused on the community alone. But I know we’re considering a new CX platform and my boss suggested I research them from the community perspective. Right now our community is on Drupal, and I don’t think there’s imminent plans for that to change. I just wanted to put the question out there, to see if anyone was using a more integrated platform. I know Qualtrics was one of the platforms under consideration, along with a handful of others.