Creating a community user journey map template

In reviewing different communities, I created a template map to help me think about the user’s journey in a community and what could be improved: Community User Experience/Journey Map - Google Sheets

I left parts unfilled so I could copy, personalise and reuse for different communities. What do we think of it though? Is there anything I could add or remove?

Also, how have you mapped your community member’s journey? Do you even need it? Or what do you do to get an overview of your member’s community experience to get a sense of what to improve?


That’s pretty cool! Would you ever run it by an actual member to see if it resonates with their real journey experience? It would be interesting to see where they see holes or opportunities to refine it.

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Thank you for the kind words, that made the hours doing this so worth it :blush:

Yes! The first time I created this, I did it based off needs and insights perceived from customer support queries and discussions. Back then I also had the opportunity to call and talk to new customers one-on-one, so I refined based on that. I also used different battle-tested user journey maps and reworked them to match what I had in mind.

With this updated one, I looked at it from my perspective as a community member in the recent communities I have joined and also leaned heavily on that my initial iteration. Now I am looking for feedback from current B2C community managers, so I figured I’d share it here as I currently work in a hybrid community that consists on business and individual users, so it isn’t entirely B2C, so the “real” B2C reality might be different.