Converting news site visitors to regulars


(kafka tamura) #1

Nice video
Hey Richard
I just joined the community (I used to be a regular visitor a year ago when I ran a forum)
Right now I run a news site that gets around ~100k visitors a day. Most of my traffic comes from link aggregator sites like Reddit and Hackernews. The problem is most of these visitors just leave after reading the article, and I really want them to stick.
I read in an article a while back that visitors who get to a news website through social media or referrer sites tend to visit only 1-2 pages on average while visitors who go to a news website directly visit 17 pages on average.
Do you have any recommendations for me to convert these visitors into regulars?
The site is mainly about politics and is pretty liberal leaning.

By the way, I love your book. I just started reading it on scribd.

Beating The Averages (1%, 20%, 10%)
(Richard Millington) #2

Hi @roki4ka,

I think your challenge here is the people you’re attracting. You can attract a lot of people to visit your news site, but these are people already participating in a community on Reddit or Hackernews. They’re looking to be informed or entertained (or, ideally, both).

What would the community offer them they can’t get elsewhere? What is the purpose of the community?

(kafka tamura) #3

Thanks for the reply
There really isn’t much that Reddit doesn’t offer since it’s such an amazing platform. I’ve had articles that got on the front page of Reddit and got 400k+ views but not even a single comment on the article since most people prefer to comment about the articles in the Reddit comment section.
The news site is pretty new, just 2 months old, and I hope to make it into something like Vox Media one day. I just don’t get how a site like Vox get’s as much direct traffic as it does. I have a feeling it’s not Vox that people follow and like but it’s founder, Ezra Klein. Ezra has 3x as many Twitter followers as Vox does.

Now I know Ezra Klein has a background in journalism and he’s gone to some pretty prestigious schools and has a history working for top publications, but how do you think I can replicate his kind of success?
I’m a kid who just turned 18, I have experience writing Python applications but that’s pretty much it, I don’t know how to write for shit, and most of the content on the news site is written by freelancers I hired on Upwork. So… I can’t really brand myself the way Ezra does.

For your second question, well, Reddit is “the front page of the internet” it’s the 4th most visited site in the U.S. Its purpose is to link to content as well as other interesting things across the web.

Thanks for all your help!

(Tanya Gorbunova) #4

I have a similar task. We have many visitors who we want to convert to our regular members.

We’ve added a Registration popup that shows in some time after a visitor open our site.
Another idea is to have a private content on the site that will become available for reading only after the registration. However, this is a complex situation because how to get interest people in this private content…

It would be great to know what other think about this.

(Richard Millington) #5

Hi @tanyagorbunova,

Welcome to the community! I’m a big fan of smartbear. Didn’t realize you had a community though. Is this new?

So let back up a little on this one, what’s the goal of the community? What’s the daily relevance to your audience?

Why should people register for the site instead of just read the information? <- this might help too.

I don’t think you need private content for the sake of private content. I think it’s more about better understanding the audience and their needs.