Consumer reviews

Hi all! We manage consumer reviews in our Community team (Amazon reviews for Product, Google Play for app reviews etc) and we’re looking at calculating RoI for this.

We engage with reviewers directly if there’s a support opportunity and also feed back major trends to our Product team.

Does anyone else manage reviews in their Community scope? And if so, have you successfully calculated RoI of the program?

I’m the manager of a huge Telco company community here in Brazil and we have a category dedicated exclusively to reviews. Our go-to option on this category isn’t RoI, but quality insights when dealing with this specific category. We apply RoI metrics to other categories dedicated to support or customer care.
A few great projects were born after this decision, such as creating an invite-only group for a certain type of users, focus groups interviews and user colab on sprint deliveries. This made both the users feel heard and special, and the products teams more aware and in line with their customers’ desires.