Consulting Frameworks?

(Julie Schoeneck) #1

Hello! I’m working on putting together a consulting framework for building a community, which I then to hope to adapt to use in our Digital Workplace. Has anyone worked on putting together a consulting framework that has examples, best practices or tips they would be willing to share?


(Richard Millington) #2

Hey @julieschoeneck,

We’ve been doing this for a decade now, so have plenty of framework we use depending on the nature of the engagement.

Are you able to explain a little more about the project? I might be able to nudge you in the right direction.

For us a strategy is different from a retained consultancy, or getting a community to critical mass etc…etc…

(Julie Schoeneck) #3

Hi!! Thank you for the response!

Basically, I’m looking to put together a framework that can be easily repeatable. Right now I am the primary consultant for online communities, but I want to be able to put a framework in place that can, in a straightforward way, help other consultants who might not have as much expertise be able to pick up the framework and know how to approach the consultation, what types of questions to ask and how to help guide their customers towards success. So, the way I’m looking at it, it would include both fact finding and the next steps in engaging their customers.

Right now our approach is very individualized and very high touch, which is also one of the reasons I am looking to put a repeatable framework in place.