Conferences and Events for Community Managers


(Brittney Wilson) #1


Is there a good list or site that outlines upcoming online community management conferences and events in the United States?

I’ve searched the forums, but have only found lists from 2017 and earlier.

(Piper_Wilson) #2

Hi Brittney,

Welcome to Feverbee! I don’t know about a list, but I do know that there is a summit coming up in October, out in Portland, OR.

I think the early bird pricing is done, though. I’m going to be going. It would be nice to meet you if you can make it.


(Richard Millington) #3

I think there aren’t any pure ‘community management’ conferences around these days except CMX and the vendor conferences by Lithium, HigherLogic and, to a slightly lesser extent, Salesforce.

The vendor conferences can be good if you’re using that platform.

If you’re not, there will be plenty of sessions which won’t be relevant.

Otherwise you’re usually looking at conferences about engagement, social media, and inbound marketing.

(Aside - I think I have a free ticket to CMX to giveaway if anyone wants it)

(Brittney Wilson) #4

raises hand
I would love to have it. :):grin:

(Noelle Farra) #5

I would love the free ticket!

(Gillian Wu) #6

Richard, I’m way late on this one, but if you still have a CMX ticket I’d love one.

(Brittney Wilson) #7

Shall we have a community manager off to compete for the prize? :wink:

(Sue Tuttle) #8

I’m attending the CR Connect 2018 conference sponsored by the Community Roundtable in Boston, MA on 9/30-10/2.

(Richard Millington) #9

looks like an interesting one, pity it clashes with CMX.

(it’s hosted and run by the Community Roundtable rather than sponsored by them right?)

(Sue Tuttle) #10

Yes it’s hosted by them.