Conferences 2017

(Kristen Gastaldo) #21

The CR Connect

Just announced for Boston, Oct 2-3. If anyone is coming in for this, let me know! I’d love to meet for drinks.

(Mark Baldwin) #22

Shame there won’t be a sprint london this year, maybe some UK community managers should just meet up for a few beers/wine at some point. :slight_smile:

(Robert McIntosh) #23

(Mark Baldwin) #24

(Courtney Howell) #25

This, this, this! I’m working on figuring out our ROI, but I’m having trouble pinpointing our value of answers. I’m also not trying to make my formula for calculating ROI too complex. I was discussing community ROI with some of the content team, and I barely got 2 sentences out before their eyes glazed over.

I’m thinking that I probably won’t be able to demonstrate the community’s value until I have at least 6 months under my belt because by then I’ll have some solid numbers and quantifying evidence to show for the community before I arrived and the community after I arrived. Might even be closer to a year. So I have my sights set on CM-related conferences for next year!

Your situation is probably a bit different, @lucasmiller3, since from what I gathered in your interview with @HAWK, your community hasn’t even really launched yet. I hope people have some good responses to this… how to convince the company to send you to conferences.

(Lucas Miller) #26

Thanks @courtney_howell - and you are correct in that ROI will be calculated and measured over time. So far, I’ve got nothing in terms of calculating the ROI of attending events.

Frankly, I should focus on building and launching this community before I start pushing to be sent places. Hopefully next year I will have more of a case.

(Courtney Howell) #27

@lucasmiller3 Heck no! If you can convince them and think you have a shot, I’d say go for it! It sounds like your community is perceived as a great value for the company. I will probably ask my supervisor just to try. Worst that can happen is that they’ll say no, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Piper_Wilson) #28

@courtney_howell - Feverbee has some online courses. Maybe you could get your folks to invest in that? It’s probably cheaper than a conference. I haven’t taken them myself but, I’ve been to two of Feverbee’s SPRINTs and they were excellent. I’ve got to believe that their online courses are just as good, if not better for you, at this stage of the game.

I’ve also got a copy of @richard_millington’s “Buzzing Communities”. Since you’re in town, I could easily loan it to you.

(Sarah Hawk) #29

Not directly ROI related, but there are quite a few good articles around on this topic. Here’s an example.

(Richard Millington) #30

@Piper_Wilson @courtney_howell feel free to buy a copy of the book as well though :slight_smile:

I’m sure it appreciated in value over time…

@lucasmiller3 We have an obvious bias here, but we’re focusing more on training at the moment (both in terms of events we attend/professional growth) because it feels like it delivers better value for money than conferences do.

(Lucas Miller) #31

@richard_millington - That’s fair, and honestly, was my conclusion as well. I’m only two months on the job and should be focusing on training myself, though conferences are always seem more fun that sitting in a digital class room or taking certification tests.

@courtney_howell - I would second @Piper_Wilson’s note on getting Richard’s book. It’s a quick read and FULL of helpful information.