Conferences 2017

(Kristen Gastaldo) #1

Hey Guys - It’s not quite a New Year’s resolution, but my company has introduced two things this year that I’d like to make the most of: a budget for individual growth and Linkedin Learning. So I’d love to hear from the community about conferences you’re planning to attend this year.

I’ll probably be going to JiveWorld in May, since that’s our platform. And I may attend OSCON, since I work in open source. But what community, marketing, digital, or other conferences will youl be taking advantage of this year?

Here’s a few I know about:

CMX 2017 (Dates TBD)
Community Leadership Summit - May 6-7, Austin TX

(Alessio Fattorini) #2

As CLSx organizer and now global CLSx coordinator, I’m going to attend the CLS in Austin, hope to meet some of you there :slight_smile:

(Shreyas) #3

I just moved to a new job this year and we’re into the business of running some of the best tech conferences in the country. So yes, I would definitely be attending them.:grinning: But this year, we’ve introduced a new conference to the usual list and that’s gonna be about Body Hacking, Changing habits, fitness and health. I’m definitely looking forward to attending that because I feel that we’ve been so busy with work that we no longer get to care about our health. So that conference is going to be an interesting opportunity to get back into the fitness cycle.:mountain_bicyclist:
But apart from that, I’m hoping to attend CMX 2017 if the dates don’t clash with our conferences :slight_smile:

(Travis King) #4

I’ve been seriously thinking of doing CMX this year as well. It’s clashed with travel plans last year, but maybe this will be the year.

We should get the FeverCrew together :smiley:

(Kristen Gastaldo) #5

Adding the link, for reference.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #6

(Sarah Hawk) #7

For anyone down under, Swarm is back on the cards again this year, after a year off.

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #8

This year the Open Source Summit includes the Community Leadership Conference and I plan to attend. It is the only one I managed to find in Europe, I would love to hear of more!

@ale_fattorini this will probably interest you as well, but I guess you already know about it. :slight_smile:

(Shreyas) #9

Swarm looks interesting from the attendee testimonials. However, I couldn’t find any videos of previous talks on youtube. @HAWK have you attended swarm previously?

(Sarah Hawk) #10

I have. In fact, I’ve been to 4 of the 5 and was on the board that organised it in 2015.
They’re in the process of redoing the website so the past stuff isn’t currently up, but I think that’s being rectified.

Here are some of my notes from the last one.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #11

Just ran across this round up from the Community Roundtable.

(Nikoletta Harrold) #12

Where are you based and what type of community do you manage @Kristen_Gastaldo?

(Kristen Gastaldo) #13

Hey @Nikoletta_Harrold - I live in Boston MA and run a community for Alfresco open source software developers.

(Nikoletta Harrold) #14

Look into the CMX breakfast series in Boston, no cost high impact events for learning etc. also check out SupConf for tech communities.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #15

I missed the last CMX breakfast, but plan to attend in the future. Thanks!

(Piper_Wilson) #16

I live in Austin. I’m so excited to learn about this conference. I look forward to meeting you and anyone else who attends.

(Courtney Howell) #17

My supervisor just told me that if I find any free interactive events related to community management/social media at SXSW I can take off and go. Woot! Will anyone be there? And If so, does anyone know of some great free events to hit up?

We’re Austin-based, and our office is downtown (where most of the good stuff happens), so I’m hoping to find at least one treasure!

(Alessio Fattorini) #18

I’ll be there!

(Lucas Miller) #19

Awesome! I really appeciate this list. As a new kid who really wants to go to a conference, I have two questions:

  1. Which conferences should I consider first on my list of things to attend?
  2. What are some ways I could validate some ROI in order to justify my organization sending me?

(Robert McIntosh) #20

Is there nothing relevant in the UK by any chance?