Conference & Community all in one Platform?

Are there any great Community platforms that are also great Conference platforms? Hi! There are plenty of great standalone vendors for either Community or Conference. But there is a significant drop off in engagement if using two separate platforms, hence looking for an all in one vendor eg Bevy, Hivebrite or Gradual. Wondering if you have had good experiences with these or other vendor recommendations. Many t​hanks, :pray: Nick

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Whova App attempts this but i find that conferences do not give people enough time to really understand the dynamics of the app. Also, once conference is over, you lose people. Splitting between a community and that are a challenge. We are testing with some of our more needed workshops at the conference, to have integrated exercises utilizing the discourse community as a call to action. The sessions are more interactively designed with case studies followed by knowledge cafe style group activities. We focus on creating the experience of continual calls to action but based on the projects the workshop attendees are responsible for at their business. All of this to say, map out the experience journey you want for your users and choose tool to suit. Would love to hear other opinions from the community here at Feverbee, as i am learning as my team goes along lol

I have recently used Meeting Play (as a participant) and it offers the following: agenda planner, my agenda, social feed, maps, partner connections, gamification, in-session virtual chat, and in-session virtual Q&A, and session polls/surveys. It was pretty impressive compared to other platforms I’ve used as an attendee.