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Hi All,

I want to conduct Ask me Anything (AMA) in our Community. I have a few experts in our community who is willing to participate. However, I am confused about the process to go about it. How long should the AMAs last? Should it be live or keep it for a certain time? what is the ideal time or how often should I conduct it? How to moderate the queries? how should I prepare the expert?

Can anyone here with the experience of conducting AMAs please help me? If there is any documentation that I can refer to, that’ll be awesome!

@richard_millington @marjorieandersonpmi, your thoughts on this is greatly appreciated!


Hi Vidya
I ran AMAs every week when I started our community, they’ve since been called Masterclasses and now they’re called Q&As
Attendance started dropping off so I’m now holding them every fortnight and would like to make them less frequent to raise their status, but need to have something to take its place that’s less ‘premium’

  • Frequency seemed to devalue them (the guests are people that the community can’t usually get to speak to, and say they want to meet them, but when it comes to it people just don’t turn up)
  • I run them as live events to make them more exciting and post the recordings for catch up viewing
  • Its the same group of people who come along, more or less. About 15-20% of the total amount of people who could come
  • I run the event as an interview between me & guest at the beginning and frequently invite people to join in, but invariably questions only start flowing in the last 10 mins
  • I run the event for 45 mins or so, always start on time and try to finish on time always.

I’m still playing with this but my perceived value of these events and the community’s response aren’t aligned yet. I’m on Mighty Networks and the analytics aren’t great, but I’m dealing in fairly small numbers so I don’t know how important that is.

Someone who runs a similar community does a podcast rather than a zoom. I might experiment with that some time.

Despite the consistently lowish turnouts, people still send in emails saying how much they enjoy them, and what a useful resource they are.

Would love to hear from other people.

@cazbot, Thanks a ton for your inputs!

In-person AMAs sound interesting. Would you have any process document to chart the plan for conducting the AMAs?

I was actually thinking of opening a Community Thread where members can come and ask questions and the expert replying to those. It would remain as a discussion thread in the community for others to view, but the expert will only answer questions only for that particular day or week. I am yet to put a plan or a process document.

Inputs from experts like you here are really helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Vidya,

We are planning to do an AMA and the thought process is curating a discussion with a prompt or prompts to get community users to respond to. We then will work with the person who we are doing the AMA with to pre-record and choose a select set of questions to answer. We will set expectations in the initial prompt that not all questions may get answered. We then plan after the AMA is recorded to post a video with something like “You asked and So & So answered! Listen now”

Hope this helps!

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This sounds very good Brittany. Would you have any documentation on how you are going to implement this AMA? would you be able share it with me please :slight_smile: