Compensating Ambassadors with Gifts or Money?

(MHCommMgr) #1

Hi there all,

Just trying to do a knowledge share here… does anyone reward or compensate their ambassadors with a yearly gift? Could be a gift card, swag, whatever. I’m just curious to know how people reward ambassador members who do extra work for the site. We’re changing our system for this and I’m getting some pushback so I wondered if there is a “standard.” My community is a health-related advice community, not a brand or support community.

Thanks for anything you can offer!

(Travis King) #2

We reward our mods with swag from time to time. We also run several community online competitions that members can take part in to win swag, credits, promotion or badges. We try to keep a pretty low barrier of entry for most of the competitions so that as many members can take part as possible.

Nothing wrong with giving back a little something to your brand ambassadors :smiley:

(MHCommMgr) #3

Ditto! We give a gift card once a year that’s gone from a performance based amount (super hard to create because we don’t have an algorithm set up and no engineering time, so was done sort of manually) to the same amount for all ambassadors, as long as they are active. This didn’t go over well so I am trying to find out if there are standard amounts. I’ve heard of communities giving top posters $25 a month to keep engagement up, but removing them after 3 months if they don’t succeed. We’re not interested in being that involved (nor can we) but need to find a happy medium.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

In a past role we gave superusers/volunteers a free copy of every book we published.

At UX Mastery we do a monthly prize draw for Gold Members. The prize is usually free software, online education or ebooks.

(Robyn Jordan) #5

I run a brand community and we have a catalog of rewards, we also have points that they accrue through participation and the rewards are unlocked by points. If your community tracks points or activities in some way that could be an option.

(Nick Emmett) #6

This is a useful thread - we’re just embarking this quarter on an internal project to look at how we can build our ambassador program. Some favourites that have caught my eye over the last few years and have informed my own views on where I aim this are Salesforce’s MVP program and also Hootsuite’s program - Daniel Spicer gave a great talk at the SPRINT event a couple of years ago the latter.

I like the idea of small tokens of thanks, linking in to the brand and community, but also, as in Salesforce’s MVP program, something larger scale for when people become total super users.

Hmmmmm, time to think is needed more here!