CommunityGeek Podcast 8: Lurk Hunter

(Sarah Hawk) #1

"What do you think I’m trying to do, NOT get my members high quality content?"

  • Richard Millington is back from his travels and rejoins the show

  • New CommunityGeek members get a shout out, as well as David Spinks (Happy Birthday!)

  • We talk Discourse and how it’s really coming together as a front runner for next gen community platforms

  • Greg and Richard have an in depth discussion of Jessica Malnik’s new resource of Key ForumCon Takeaways

  • Adopting Lean Start-Up Principles

  • Utilizing Social Motivations

  • Purposeful Design Principals

  • Strong Content

  • Designing for New Contributors vs Lurkers

  • Speaking of designing for lurkers, there’s a very hot forum topic about it on CommunityGeek as well as a literature review on lurker research