CommunityGeek Podcast 3: Going Social

(Sarah Hawk) #1

"The other night, when my mum shared my Spotify account…"

  • Richard Millington is on site at an event in Lithuania, CommunityGeek community manager Mike Smith makes his debut to fill in

  • A number of improvements have been made to the CommunityGeek site, Greg and Mike give you the highlights

  • Using social media platforms as gateways to your community platform

  • Using Third Party Sign-Ups in your community

  • Potential pitfalls when integrating third party accounts with community activity

  • Does an easy signup process reduce community engagement?

  • Do Communities Always Get Worse As they Grow?

  • Greg laments when Facebook expanded beyond college students/alums

  • There’s evidence that rapid growth will degrade community cohesiveness and quality of interaction

  • Is capping your online community’s size a good idea? Has it been tried? Is it even feasible as a business model?