CommunityGeek Podcast 10: SPRINT, Dash, and Other Things

(Sarah Hawk) #1

"The mispronunciation was coming from a good place!"

  • Greg Russo is joined by Darren Gough and pronounces Darren’s last name correctly for the first time in four months

  • Greg and Darren are so pumped about the swoosh-worthy features recently added to the CommunityGeek website

  • New member shout outs to Tony Reeves, Joe Cothrel (of Lithium fame), Melissa Jenkins, and Megan Lunde

  • Darren gives the rundown on FeverBee’s SPRINT, our upcoming event in San Francisco

  • Rob Ludlow, one of our SPRINT speakers, runs Backyard Chickens which is becoming increasingly relevant to Darren’s life

  • Dashcon 2014 flames out in legendary fashion, Greg and Darren review what went wrong

  • The infamous Ball Pit

  • What to look after when conceptualizing your own event

  • The role of The Other in defining online community identity

  • Ways to turn inter-community rivalries into constructive energy