CommunityGeek Minisode

(Sarah Hawk) #1

"No ball pit, promise."

  • With most of the staff (and community people Greg tried to get at the last minute) out traveling, Greg goes solo on this short episode of the podcast.

  • Zach Elkin of GetSet joins CommunityGeek.

  • Several new features will begin to appear on the CommunityGeek website in the coming days, including a Twitter feed.

  • Mozcon was a great success, as was Richard Millington’s presentation. Expect a recap very soon!

  • A little friendly hype for some soon to be revealed events, resources, and staff for FeverBee.

  • “Thank a Hippy” for online communities? Greg increasingly thinks so.

  • Greg’s interview with The WELL’s John Coate (aka the first online community manager) is not to be missed!