Community UX / UI design - What are your favourite communities?

Hi all,

I’m embarking on a UX and UI redesign of my current customer support community and looking for examples and inspiration. So my question is - do you have any great examples of communities you love to use, purely in terms of the design, layout and user experience? What communities do you love from a usability perspective, and why?

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Yup, I love

The design is pleasing and it’s easy to find your way around – they’ve done a good job of sign posting.

Also is pretty cute.

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I’ve always like the way Atlassian and Salesforce have designed their community pages. Very easy to navigate and they show liveliness! (I’d add in all the links, but as a new user of FeverBee I can only add in 2 links)

Not to toot my own organizations horn, but Alteryx just launched our new redesign focused on personalization and a more modern navigation experience.

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Hey Chriss,
Thanks for the tip to check out the redesign of Alteryx. Allow me to link to your community Alteryx Nice job. I’d be interested in seeing a before image of the homepage. What personalization options did you add?

I’m going to be less humble and link to our redesign just released last week of Mayo Clinic Connect, following advice from Feverbee’s @richmillington. We’re still making tweaks and additional customization to come, but the members are loving it so far and we’ve only seen minimal disruption to the community activity.

How did your redesign go? Are members liking it?


Hi @colleenyoung,

Thank you for adding it in :)! I took a peek at the Mayo Clinic Connect, love it! It is very well organized, easy to navigate, and having the discussions in the middle really helps to show how lively the discussion boards are.



My favorite addition is the “recommendation” area to the homepage. It is specific to each user and based their interests within the community.

Our members seem to love the new design and personalization’s which have helped them navigate the community and find areas that fit their needs and interest.


Hey @chriss - did you change platform in there too, they’re quite different UIs?

Hi @Nick_Emmett,

We haven’t change platforms, we’ve been using Khoros. They’ve gone through quite a few updates… especially with the new group hubs!


I personally love Mountain Dew/Pepsico’s B2C Community using Influitive.

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I love the Salesforce Trailhead community also, however, as a SF Community Cloud Admin, I wish they would offer more out of the box options for their own platform. They seem to be missing a lot of the very small, basic components.