Community Suggestion Discussion Board, Needed or Not?


(Angelo Luciani) #1

I have a discussion board on my community called ‘Community Suggestions’ many of the items are old > than 1.5 years in some instances and others more recent have been answered.

Question, would you leave all the topics in the discussion board or would you remove the outdated posts along with the ones that were answered?

I’m inclined to remove the outdated posts and leave the more recent ones that have been answered. I am also considering to remove the board altogether, thoughts?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Do you have access to traffic data? I’d do a scan of Google Analytics to see if that content is bringing in any traffic. If not, then it’s probably redundant.

Re removing the board altogether, do you get any value from it? Are the suggestions etc useful?

(Travis King) #3

I’ve often found that suggestions boards come with an expectation of action. The reality on being able to, or even wanting to deliver any of those requests are usually low. So we don’t really do open suggestion areas.

(Angelo Luciani) #4

Hi @HAWK – Good point need to view my GA data.

I don’t get any value from it. I agree with the points @Travis made. I will consider my options.

(Kath Reuben) #5

I agree with @Travis that a Community Suggestions board comes with expectations of action. Do you provide any feedback around why some of the outdated suggestions haven’t been actioned? From my experience, community members would rather have some response than no response, even if it’s a ‘sorry, this doesn’t fall within our wider strategy’, this would also (hopefully) provide transparency for that same question being asked later down the line.

(Angelo Luciani) #6

I inherited this community site – Many of the outdated items have a reply ‘We will look into it’ but no follow up on whether the item has been implemented or not.

Would seem odd to reply now to a post that is 1.5 years old - thinking about moving those posts to a ‘moderation area’ for posts that is hidden. Just to keep a record of the post.

I am strongly leaning toward removing that section