Community strategist/builder needed for European project


(Jorge Gonzalez) #1

Hi, we are preparing a project proposal for the European Commission that involves community building around open-source software platforms.
We would like to know interested candidates, ideally with experience in developing communities around software solutions. Knowledge about EU projects is desirable but not compulsory.
Happy to provide further information by request,
Jorge Gonzalez

(Richard Millington) #2

Hi Jorge,

Can you provide a link to the job description here?

Is this full-time or part time? Remote or on-site? etc…

i think more information would really help.

(Jorge Gonzalez) #3

Thanks Richard. European projects are paid against the actual salaries (total company costs) of the involved personnel + 25% of overhead. The project also pays for travel and resources needed for the project. The work is done from your own premises, and would require part of your time during the duration of the project (expected for 2+ years).

We are currently putting together a proposal together with other partners to be submitted in the coming months, so there is no job description per se. But anyone interested can contact me under and I will be happy to provide further information.

Hope this is useful.


PS. This is an opportunity to get to know how European projects work by joining a consortium of experienced partners. If anyone is interested in getting involved in cutting edge innovation and research funded by the European Commission, take advantage and contact me.