Community Related Conferences in 2019

They posted information about the CMX Summit. Looks to be exciting and it’s the tenth year.

Also @steverowe you can potentially check out the CMX Connect events (or hosting one yourself) in your city. They sound like small, localized events.

They have a Facebook group you can join with lots of info.


Hi @rebeccabraglio, the company I work (Lurn) for has a copywriting course called Copywriting Academy. We also have a free bootcamp called Copywriting Bootcamp.

It’s not copywriting for community per se but copywriting in general in today’s digital age :slight_smile:

If you want more info, let me know and I can send you link.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Olga! I will definitely check this out!

Considering I started this, I thought I’d just update :upside_down_face: We’ve actually opted to travel to CMX Summit this year - looks like a good line up.

Thanks for the suggestions here guys :+1:


Terrific, will see you there!

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The issue is that there is no any good community related conference in Europe :frowning:
If you know the one, I’ll be happy to hear its name.

@tanyagorbunova Agreed. I couldn’t find any in English - which was a shame.

@richard_millington There seems to be a demand for a European Feverbee lead community conference again - hint-hint :upside_down_face:

Hi @steverowe and @tanyagorbunova,

It’s very difficult to run a profitable event in the community space at the moment. I don’t think anyone’s really managed to crack that nut. Most events are by companies that do it as a marketing exercise where they can afford to take a loss in service of a bigger objective.

I’d say if you want an event in Europe, and you think there’s a demand for it, then organise one. There’s nothing stopping anyone from organising an event. we don’t have any unique event-running skills here :slight_smile:

CMXHub has regional groups that could be a focal point for more local gatherings. I think they just launched one for Prague.