Community Related Conferences in 2019

They posted information about the CMX Summit. Looks to be exciting and it’s the tenth year.

Also @steverowe you can potentially check out the CMX Connect events (or hosting one yourself) in your city. They sound like small, localized events.

They have a Facebook group you can join with lots of info.


Hi @rebeccabraglio, the company I work (Lurn) for has a copywriting course called Copywriting Academy. We also have a free bootcamp called Copywriting Bootcamp.

It’s not copywriting for community per se but copywriting in general in today’s digital age :slight_smile:

If you want more info, let me know and I can send you link.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Olga! I will definitely check this out!

Considering I started this, I thought I’d just update :upside_down_face: We’ve actually opted to travel to CMX Summit this year - looks like a good line up.

Thanks for the suggestions here guys :+1:


Terrific, will see you there!


The issue is that there is no any good community related conference in Europe :frowning:
If you know the one, I’ll be happy to hear its name.

@tanyagorbunova Agreed. I couldn’t find any in English - which was a shame.

@richard_millington There seems to be a demand for a European Feverbee lead community conference again - hint-hint :upside_down_face:

Hi @steverowe and @tanyagorbunova,

It’s very difficult to run a profitable event in the community space at the moment. I don’t think anyone’s really managed to crack that nut. Most events are by companies that do it as a marketing exercise where they can afford to take a loss in service of a bigger objective.

I’d say if you want an event in Europe, and you think there’s a demand for it, then organise one. There’s nothing stopping anyone from organising an event. we don’t have any unique event-running skills here :slight_smile:

CMXHub has regional groups that could be a focal point for more local gatherings. I think they just launched one for Prague.


would love to know of more but in the US. I’ve been to all of the CMX events and kind of looking for something different this year.

There is The CR Connect. Looks like they’ve expanded the offering this year

Sorry looks like it sold out :frowning:

Hi folks - just back from the CMX Summit and it was really good. Highly recommended. For those who have been before (this was my first time) I’m told it has increased in scale and scope quite significantly. I agree there isn’t much in Europe/UK so I went to CMX.

Khoros (nee Lithium) have their Engage events (there’s some coming up in Paris and Berlin) and there’s always a Community element to those. Berlin one is mostly German, but I think the Paris one is more 50/50 English/French.

Some have mentioned the CMX Connect events which are local in-person events run by volunteer hosts. Each host runs them their own way but they tend to be smaller scale.

I’m the host for Scotland, and we have our next one next week, and I know the ladies in London are also running theirs next week.

We have been talking about getting together to aim for a bigger European/UK event in the future - the more the merrier!


Hi @loneliestcabin

I can’t remember if I met you there, but I hope you enjoyed it. I went to the CMX event and Engage in Austin. Both were good events but very different. Engage tended to focus more on the practical needs of business whereas CMX skewed a little more toward the needs of members.

The one in Berlin you were talking about do you mean the CommunityCamp?
Thats was usually in October in Berlin but this year, for the first time in 11 years, it was already in August. It is not a conference but a BarCamp and yes mostly in German.

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I saw you up on stage but no we didn’t meet @richard_millington

@tanjaontour I was thinking of the Khoros Engage event, they have one coming up in Berlin apparently

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Oh really. Haven’t heard about that one yet. Have to check it up. If you speak German I’ll organize the CommunityGipfel again next year on march 17 in Frankfurt.


I think it’s in Cologne actually :slight_smile:

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yes @richard_millington is right.
It is in Cologne on 12.11
Be aware the day before Carnival seasons starts over here, so on 11.11 everyone will be dressed up and the city overcrowded

Yep that’s the one, and unfortunately my German is, how do you say it, nicht gut! There’s also a Khoros event in Paris:

The cologne event is in English.

Or at least I hope it is, or me and the other speakers are in for a nasty shock :slight_smile:

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