Community Related Conferences in 2019

(Richard Millington) #4

I think @Nancy_Kinder might still be running some meetups in London too.

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(Piper_Wilson) #5

@Nancy_Kinder has done webinars, too. I’ve only been able to catch one of them though. It was excellent.

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(Tanja Laub) #6

Thanks @richard_millington
yes @steverowe I’m organizing one in Germany on march 20th in Cologne.

All talks despite one will be in German, though sorry. There is only one English one.
I went to Swarm Conference in Australia last year and can only recommend it. It was really good. If you have the opportunity, you should give it a go.


(Stephen O'Rowe) #7

Thanks Tanja, my German is a little rusty so probably not the best for me. Australia is a far way away from me but I’ll certainly check it out.

Thanks for the details!

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(Rebecca Braglio) #8

Jumping on this topic - has anyone taken any social media/community copywriting classes or courses on how to write more effectively?


(Stephen O'Rowe) #9

@rebeccabraglio I’m not too sure, sorry. I would assume a general writing class would be beneficial though and you can usually find some online or part-time courses in your local colleges.

@richard_millington Do you know anything about the CR Roundtable?

Or has anyone a membership there? Looks interesting but never heard of the network or previous events?


(Richard Millington) #10

Hi @steverowe

Apologies, I’ve been away for the past two weeks in Colombia.

I know and really like the team behind the Community Roundtable. I’m not a member personally, so can’t speak for what’s behind the curtain, but their resources are usually quite solid and I’m sure a few people here are members.

We’re planning on launching something exciting ourselves in the next month or so. So if you want to stand by, you’re welcome to compare the two and see what works best for you. Either way, I doubt you will be disappointed with the community roundtable.


(Stephen O'Rowe) #11

Thanks @richard_millington .

Looking forward to hearing about the event! Fingers crossed it’s in Europe as it makes it a lot easier considering the Community Team are based in Dublin and St.Petersburg :slight_smile:


(Richard Millington) #12

Oh, wait, I thought you were talking about Community Roundtable membership…you mean their Connect event in September right?


(Stephen O'Rowe) #13

Yes, sorry. I guess you’re planning on starting a member-based forum, not an event.

I’ll certainly take a look at what’s coming down the line when there’s more info on that.

I’d also check out a Feverbee event/conf - just saying :cowboy_hat_face:


(Richard Millington) #14

Those were the days:

I have toyed with the idea of doing a workshop or 1-week certification program in San Francisco or London. But I’m not sure if people would prefer that to simply doing the courses we have now.

Any thoughts?


(Stephen O'Rowe) #15

I think for a course, I’d rather do that online. Mainly due to the flexibility around time.

I’d be interested in attending a workshop perhaps with some speakers, or a feverbee meet up to hear other’s stories and advice. The majority of conferences I find are too broad in subject matter.

Like, I’ve attended some social media/general digital communication conferences in recent years and they seem to lean more towards sales funnels, influencers and non-organic communities. Interesting but not a lot to take away for me.

An alternative idea is not to look to others but to do my own roundtable with our own community members for insights and feedback. The only obstacle is that our members are all over the world so it might be a bit too exclusive due to locations - any advice on that?


(Piper_Wilson) #16

I belong to a community that hosts weekly online meetings. Each week, the time is different. Today, it’s at 4:00 pm my time. A few weeks ago, it was at 8:00 am. Maybe you could stagger meeting times in a similar fashion?


(Stephen O'Rowe) #17

Really like this idea Piper, thank you!

Generally, what do you talk about? You know, what’s the general agenda. The subject matter on the community (or your product/service), or feedback about the community’s development itself?

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(Tanya Gorbunova) #18

@richard_millington, have you heard anything about CMX summit this year?


(Richard Millington) #19

Hi Tanya,

Yes, I have spoken with them.

But I don’t think they’ve released any information publicly yet, so I don’t think I can share it at the moment.

I imagine they will be information their audience soon though.


(Tanya Gorbunova) #20

Thanks! Will be waiting for the news from them. I attended their show several years ago - it was amazing!


(Joel Rangelle) #21

They posted information about the CMX Summit. Looks to be exciting and it’s the tenth year.

Also @steverowe you can potentially check out the CMX Connect events (or hosting one yourself) in your city. They sound like small, localized events.

They have a Facebook group you can join with lots of info.


(Olga Geistfeld) #22

Hi @rebeccabraglio, the company I work (Lurn) for has a copywriting course called Copywriting Academy. We also have a free bootcamp called Copywriting Bootcamp.

It’s not copywriting for community per se but copywriting in general in today’s digital age :slight_smile:

If you want more info, let me know and I can send you link.

Hope this helps!


(Rebecca Braglio) #23

Thanks, Olga! I will definitely check this out!