Community Platform Functionality Wishlist

(Kath Reuben) #1

I’ve been asked to provide my Community Platform functionality wishlist. Now, I realize this will massively differ depending on the platform you’re working on, the type of community, and budgets. But money, and development challenges and headaches aside, what would your functionality wishlist look like? I’ll kick off…
I’d love if our members could access the Community directly from within the applications (ours is a support community). Currently, they have to log in and out of separate browser windows. I’m sure this is going to be possible in a later reiteration but for now it’s a bit of a phaff. What would your wishlist look like?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Great topic @Kath_Reuben

The function that I think is the most underrated yet valuable is the push notification. We have it here, but many platforms don’t. Timely and actionable notifications are so powerful.

The thing that I’d love to have is more visibility of the path that people take around the platform. @edfryed uses a bespoke platform which literally tracks every move a person makes. I have to run a series of complicated queries to glean that kind of info. I’d love it at the touch of a button.

(Richard Millington) #3

This strikes me as what do we want to be able to do that we can’t already.

Most of the content of this post I think is still valid.

I’m keen to know the following:

1) Trends. Can we link this to activities we have undertaken within the community? Can we identify the retention rate and where members are presently dropping out? Why can’t we have red alerts for problems that require immediate attention (e.g. a plummeting post per active member ratio?)

2) Popular members and topics. This is more about analysis and some semantic data. What should we spend more time talking about/building activities around and what should we spend less time doing?

3) Segmentation. Can we segment, track, and contact members by demographics, time spend in the community, and quality/quantity of contributions made in the community? Can we identify members that typically cause the most problems and send a warning message en-masse? I’d love something that could automatically filter the right people into the right place.

I don’t think we’ve really cracked a decent dashboard yet. The one’s we have are interesting, but not practically useful. I’m keen for something that uses machine learning to guide people to the right kinds of discussions for them to participate. Imagine if when a member joins, the system automatically searches for their name and email and identifies possible relevant discussions for them to participate in. That would be really powerful.

So things like that would be interesting.